33 thoughts on “Friday’s Hawt Menz 3

  1. Emeraldjaguar

    Dibs! Love it when I’m working Thursday nites. Gives the gurls something to slobber over.

    We do like a man in a suit, so I’ll be draging man meat #7 back to the kitteh cave.

    C’mere, meat! *drags*

  2. Kris

    Dammit. I was gonna have me the suit guy. *mutter, mutter*

    I’ll have the guy on top of him then. :) #6

  3. shoganrea

    Ahh, you all can have the suit guys. I like them with less clothes on. *g*

    #3 for me please, though I guess I’ll only have him lie next to me in bed so that I can adore this gorgeous body …and maybe lick a little bit *drools*


  4. Erastes

    You certainly supply something for everyone!

    Number six please. He’s perfect for one of my characters.

  5. Tam

    Damn you Emmy and Kris (and Erastes but he’ll be used for work purposes – yeah right – so I’ll overlook it), took both mine. Let me look again. Sigh, the hardships I endure. ;-)

    Okay, I’ll take #14, the guy in jeans on the beach. He looks kind of chilly, I’ll help him warm up. :-)

  6. Jenre

    Can I have number 10? He looks like the kind of guy who’ll buy you a coffee and make you laugh.

    OK, I’m officially getting old if I’m thinking about that instead of naked manflesh.

  7. M.L. Rhodes

    Oh man!!! My first choice was #7, Suit Guy, but Emmy swept in and snatched him right up! And if she hadn’t, it looks like several other people would have. LOL!

    So I’ll take #2, Tub Guy. He’s pretty damn hot. And then if no one else claims him later today, I’m going to be greedy again and take The Rock also. There’s just something about that man… :)

  8. Sage Whistler

    Michael Bergin’s #11 big brother worked at my high school. *crosses heart* He had his brother come to the high school a time or two. After Baywatch I don’t know what happened to him tho.

    Oh, and my pick would be #15. The tat looks like it says Lucia or something but I’d just get my name inked over that. :D

  9. jessewave

    That’s a switch for you – a man with clothes on. Whatever will you do, read to him? *g*

    No. 6 is yours. You have to get up really early to get what you want!

    I think # 3 is one of the hottest this week – look at that body.:) He’s yours for as long as you want him.

    What a con! You want him for one of your characters? When you have a man for an hour a day they call him something other than a companion. Well, if you want to share him, you can have #6.

  10. Emeraldjaguar

    Christian, Wave….clothes come off. Really. The come off even faster when you use a knife *nods nods*

  11. jessewave

    Thanks for dropping by. You do know that if you don’t choose, you lose? :)

    #3 is clean and hot. I think you’ll have a fight on your hands with The Rock who has Nadja’s heart. :DDD

    You want one of these guys to make you coffee??? What’s wrong with this picture? You can have him but I don’t think he’ll be happy. :)

  12. T.A.Chase

    Do I really have to chose? Can’t I just have them rotate through? Stay for an hour and then the next one arrives. :)

    Great candy as always, Wave.

  13. jessewave

    What’s with you writers that you only want the guys for a little while? This is not one of those houses that rents them out by the hour. :DDD

    For moment I thought you were going for #11. :) No.15 is yours for the day – enjoy!!

  14. Lily

    Wave, great selection as always. What a way to wake up :D

    I’ll take #17. I love black and white photos and he looks like he might want some company. No unwrapping needed, you gotta love instant gratification ;D


  15. K. Z. Snow

    Now this is very interesting. I would’ve picked #6 or #7, too. Hmm. Wonder why so many of us are going for clothed men over nekkid men.

    Well, in lieu of my first choices, I’ll go for the element of surprise and pick the guy with water cascading down his perfect back. Just finished a novella in which a lake figures prominently, so he reminds me of one of the heroes.

    *Holding my breath hoping he doesn’t look like a monkfish when he turns around!*

  16. K. Z. Snow

    Y’know, #4 looks rather glum, like he needs some happiness to invade his shorts. I’m feeling charitable today …

  17. Rowan McBride

    If I don’t choose, I lose? {brain begins to smoke under the pressure}

    Can I have the one in the seventh picture? Always been a sucker for men in suits. :)

  18. Mary M.

    Darn. I wanted guy in suit #7, or sexy black guy in thighty-whities #4. *pouts*

    OK, I’ll go with #12 for today. He can be my escort to my own birthday party tonight *g*. I’ll ask him if he has friend – two of my good friends that will be there are single and in the hunt, too :-DD

    Great selection, thanks for the eye candy!

  19. Rowan McBride

    Oh! Or the one in pic #16. He’s all sparkly and I’m easily distracted by shiny things.

  20. jessewave

    This guy was so pensive I didn’t thnk anyone would like him. Shows you how wrong I am. #17 is yours

    I’m guessing that you want two guys – one of whom might look like monkfish when he turns around and the other one because you want to invade his shorts? I guess they are yours.

  21. jessewave

    I think the suit guy is taken … twice … I believe someone wanted him for an hour a day – there’s a word for men like that. (Do they call the women who rent them ‘Janes”??) #16 is available and he’s yours. :)

    Is today your birthday? No one told me. Are you lying to get as many men as possible? If it’s really your birthday you can have #12 and whoever else you want. :DDD

  22. NL Gassert

    What?! Someone took the Rock?! Well, I AM late, so I guess that’s okay. And #6 is taken, too? Darn it. But it’s Spring Break and I did enjoy sleeping in.

  23. Mary M.

    *sniff* You have such a low opinion of me. Would I lie just to get more sexy men for myself? *blinks innocently*

    Lol. Seriously, my birthday is actually Monday, but gathering friends to go to the restaurant and a bar was easier to do on a Friday than a Monday night ;). So I do have a birthday party tonight, a co-party with another friend whose true birthday was actually…of shit, it was yesterday and I didn’t phone her *smacks forehead with agenda* Damn, damn, damn.

    And damn. Ugh. I’ll need to pay her a lot of beers tonight.

  24. Ally Blue

    Hmmmm, I see no one has taken sweet, innocent #13 yet. So, he is MINE! Mwahahaha!!!!

    The boy needs corrupting O_O

  25. Rowan McBride

    Haha, thanks. You’re so generous, especially considering how badly I suck at this game. :)

  26. Bev(QB)

    Hmmm… pretty young this week, Wave, or maybe I should say pretty AND young! Kris took the prettiest of the bunch (#6), but he accidently got lost on the way to her house and found himself in the Faces subfolder of my Eyecandy file.

    Not to worry though, Kris. I *cougheventuallycough* sent him on his way to you and he should be there *coughsomedaycough* soon.

  27. jessewave

    You asked me for a picture of The Rock and when I get him (after much searching and stalking) you don’t show. Well, now you’re stuck with the leftovers. What’s with everyone and Nos. 6 and 7. Are they that hot????

    It’s not that I have a low opinion of you but I know how you like your manflesh. Congratulations in advance on the birthday.

    #13 is called jailbait. We’ll come and visit you (and maybe spring you). *g*

    You do realize that for some reason everyone has their eyes (and hands) on #6 don’t you?

    We try to have fun and forget the crap going on all around us. Welcome and I hope to see you next week when fresh faces and bodies will be on the block. *g*

  28. jessewave

    Do the words “barely legal” strike a chord? *g* Hey I thought he was hot too – just don’t let the cops see you loading him into your camper. *g*

  29. Kris

    Oh, it’s so on now, Bev! *would push up sleeves if it wasn’t summer here* No one takes my pretty and gets away with it!

    As an aside – do you think this brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘filesharing’??

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