Mini Poll Suggestions from you


Is there a mini poll you would like me to run on the blog? If so please email me at An example of the last one is on the top right hand sidebar.

It would be nice if it’s related to books in some way, shape or form but that’s not absolutely necessary and it could be on any topic. For example, it has been suggested by a number of people who sampled today’s offering of hawt menz that perhaps we need a few older models (like FarhadZ on the right). Would you like to see more older models mixed in with the Friday guys? One regular on the blog suggested 80 year old models but we don’t have to go that far to make everyone ogling the manflesh feel young and virginal. *g* While we’re on this subject, if you have pictures of attractive older models in revealing poses please email them to me. This is not for my private collection but for posting on the blog so there should not be any full frontal (a ‘neck’ or so here and there- see picture to the left – and naked backs are acceptable) :)

If you have suggestions for new mini polls like the one that was recently conducted please send them on to me; Tam is a genius and she has a ton of ideas (she’s the top of the heap at this sort of thing) and I would like to mix in some of yours along with hers.

8 thoughts on “Mini Poll Suggestions from you

  1. Tam

    Hmm. I’d like to get a peek at your “private collection”. LOL I don’t have a problem with young ones. Are you surprised by that? LOL I’m just looking after all. But older guys are okay too. Hot is hot is hot. I’ll kill some time this weekend and see if I can find someone appropriate over the age of 21.

    And I think genius is a bit strong. Godess might work though. :-) I’m kidding, seriously.

  2. jessewave

    Over 21 would be a good idea Tam since in some states in the US legal age is 21.:) Don’t want you to get into trouble.

    You didn’t like “genius”? I think you’re bloody marvelous, but if you prefer “Goddess” I’ll remember for next time. *g*

    My private collection is available to you at any time, but I would not send you anything unless I can be assured that no one under age can access your files and get their jollies. :)

  3. K. Z. Snow

    No steenking tweenks for me, no siree. (Honestly, they remind me of my SO’s 15-year-old kid, and that creeps me out so bad it’s the stuff of vomit-inducing nightmares!) I think men reach their succulent, desire-worthy prime between 25 and 45, with most falling in the mid-thirties range. They’re out of their first sets of diapers and haven’t yet gone into their second sets.

    (And it’s your fault, Wave, that I missed battling it out with the Friday Floozies. Jenre got the man I wanted. But I like her, so I may just let her have him. My generosity does, however, have its limits.)

  4. Mary M.

    Huh. I know I had an idea for a poll when you implemented the first one, I’m pretty sure I wrote it down somewhere. I’ll see if I can find that ‘somewhere’ again :-D.

  5. jessewave

    I had no idea that I was providing twinks for your enjoyment. I thought you were only looking at them, not taking them home to put to different use. :)
    You have to get up early to beat out this hungry horde.

    Looking forward to your mini poll suggestion.

  6. K. Z. Snow

    Believe me, it’s hard for me even to look at them. I’m serious. That’s what associations can do to a person’s psyche.

  7. Davina

    I would like to see a poll on how readers’ buying decisions are affected by their interactions (particularly online interactions) with m/m authors. Is a person more likely to try a new author based on how they interact with them in the online world? Conversely, has anyone ever stopped reading an author due to rudeness or online shenanigans?

    In terms of a poll for authors, I’d be interested in a discussion of how authors utilize various social networking sites to promote themselves and their works. I think the differences in how authors do so can be quite telling- it is, in part, how authors attempt to control perceptions of themselves and their work.

  8. jessewave

    Hi Davina

    Those are both excellent suggestions and I’ll incorporate and run them as polls very shortly.

    Thank you very much. I do appreciate your input.

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