Taste Test – Office Politics


Title and Link: Taste Test: Office Politics
Author: Sean Michael, Kalita Kasar, Glyn Soitino
Publisher URL: http:www.torquerebooks.com
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: short stories (35 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


The guy you see every day at the office might just be the man of your dreams, right? Who knows until they try?

In Office Politics, by Kalita Kasar, times are tough for Kent and Lewis. Their construction business is taking a hit, and Lewis doesn’t know how much more he can take. Thank goodness his partner Kent knows just what to do to make everything, even office politics, better.

In Lockdown, by Glyn Soitiño, Ian is going to be working late, thanks to his insensitive boss. He thinks his luck has taken a turn for the worse when sexy Jake has to stay late, too. He finds out just how good bad luck can be when his high tech building goes into lockdown, and Jake is the only other person around.

Finally, in Bonus, by Sean Michael, Jack thinks his new client, Mr. Leonid, is a picky bastard. He’s also sexy, demanding, and very determined to get his money’s worth from Jack. Will the two men find an arrangement that suits them both?


Office Politics by Kalita Kasar 4 stars out of 5

Lewis had just lost his temper with a major client, probably his only client since the office building construction market had collapsed recently and it looked like he and his business and life partner of 12 years, Kent, might be staring bankruptcy in the face if they didn’t play ball and accept substandard construction materials. Although Kent felt that Lewis could have handled the situation better, his main concern was for Lewis who was more than a little stressed out by their current financial reality and the possibility that they may lose the company they had built from scratch.

After making sure that Lewis was indeed alright, Kent proceeded to make him feel a whole lot better by giving them both the break they really needed and they took a time out for the best stress reliever on earth. As usual for them the sex was great, especially knowing that when they took it home it would be better still.

Lockdown by Glyn Soitino 3.75 stars out of 5

Ian was something of a workaholic and was constantly being taken advantage of by his boss Brian whenever there was extra work in the department and today was no exception. Brian doesn’t think Ian has a life because he’s single, so he gets all the “weekend” projects. The other bane of his life is Jake, an American who had been transferred in to the British company by head office two months ago. In addition, Ian has a personal grudge against Jake, outside of the fact that everyone seems to think that he’s a mole.

On this day Jake, who is a technology expert, shows up at Ian’s office to update his computer, and although Ian thinks he’s easy on the eye he can’t wait for him to leave because in addition to not being his favourite person he’s interrupting his view of hot men on a nearby construction project.
Later that evening just as Ian is about to leave for home the entire building went dark and nothing works, not even the elevators and door codes in the high tech building, and he realized that he’s locked in for the weekend. The only person who might be able to help is Jake, but is he still at work?

This story was a little different in that although these two men find each other attractive Ian is wary of Jake whom he thinks is a spy and he also believes that Jake can’t stand him. However, once the misunderstandings are explained away the reluctant Ian soon finds out how much fun Jake can be and he’s happy to let him take over in the seduction department. There was one aspect of the story that I found difficult to swallow while it was certainly inventive and entertaining, but it did make the story a little more fun.

Bonus by Sean Michael 4.25 stars out of 5

Jack had been working on a logo for a very difficult and demanding client, J.L. Leonid, and he couldn’t wait for it to be completed so that he could get rid of him. At last the project was ready and he couldn’t wait to deliver it and go to the nearest bar for a few drinks and maybe get laid; the weather was miserable and he just wanted to get in and out quickly. When he arrived at his client’s home he found out that Leonid wanted to meet with him before he took off, but after waiting for a short while he became impatient and was about to leave when he showed up and what a man he was – big and burly like his voice.

Leonid invited him upstairs to his apartment on the 36th floor because he refused to do business in the lobby. When they arrived he reviewed the logo, approved it and wrote a cheque, adding in a sizable bonus. However, as soon as Jack started to leave the weather worsened, the freezing rain turned to hail which was hitting the windows very hard, and all of a sudden the lights went out. Obviously his plan of leaving right away and heading to the nearest bar was delayed to the point of not happening that evening, since the elevators were out along with the lights. As he wasn’t going anywhere for awhile, when Leo offered him a drink he accepted and one thing led to another and he found that the man was really very sexy. Then Leo kissed him and it was downhill after that. When Sean Michael writes a sex scene it’s so hot it almost burns up the characters. This story was no exception and I really enjoyed the characters and the story.

Sometimes in these Taste Tests you might find one story that’s good which you would want to read again but this time all three had something going for them. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a few short stories to make the time pass very quickly and enjoyably.

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    OOh all these sound really good. I like Sean Michael’s writing and I’ve recently read another great novella by Glyn Soitino. Another one for the tbb pile.

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