Toy Box – Guiche


Title and Link: Toy Box: Guiche
Authors: Jay Lygon, Mychael Black and Lee Benoit, edited by M. Rode
Publisher URL:
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: short stories
Rating: 4.35 stars out of 5


Ah, the guiche piercing, that tiny, hidden surprise behind a man’s balls. What could be better than three stories that celebrate the guiche? In Reading the River by Jay Lygon, the narrator is working on a boat on the Mississippi. His roommate Billy, or Bear as he privately calls the man, is a tough guy he’s more than a little attracted to. When he and Billy finally get together, one of them has a little surprise for the other.

Mychael Black gives us After the Show, starting drummer Chaz, who’s into body modification. In fact he’s just gotten a new tattoo when he meets Devin. With a fancy car and even fancier apartment, Devin is quite the catch. Will he think the same of Chaz, even after he’s seen what the drummer has hidden away?

And finally, Preston and Paulo are back in Bearing Witness by Lee Benoit. When the duo witness the end of a contract between Tasim and Jesse, Paulo begins to worry about his own place with Preston. Will his contract with Preston eventually go the same way? Preston will need to come up with something special to reassure his lover of his place in Preston’s life. His permanent place.


Definition: Guiche – Male genital piercing directly behind the scrotum on the perineum

These three stories are very different and each character had the piercing done for his own special reason. This is not a painless procedure and it usually takes a few weeks to heal so a man has to be pretty serious about his reasons for getting his guiche pierced, and he really has to believe in its significance or have a strong personal desire to experience the pleasure that it brings, despite the pain. Toy Box Guiche contains 3 unusual stories about an adornment that gives each man an added cachet in the eyes of his lover since few others have access to or would be able to view this delightful trinket.

Reading the River by Jay Lygon 4 stars

In this story our heroes are on a fishing barge on the Mississippi River and by happenstance they recognize that they love to make love to other men. The narrator and Billy share a cabin for 7 days before testing the waters. Billy is a huge man, a Bear by all accounts, and he is very proud of his piercing which is an important part of sexual play for him. Jay Lygon gives us two characters who are high spirited and rambunctious and don’t mind a bit of sweat to steam up their love play which is so hot, it’s off the scale.

After The Show by Mychael Black 4.25 stars

Chaz, a drummer for an Alternative metal band, meets Devin as he’s leaving a friend’s tattoo parlour after getting inked. Chaz’s body is decorated with piercings and tattoos and he is the quintessential picture of his lifestyle. Devin, on the other hand, is his opposite in every way – suave, elegant, right out of the pages of GQ magazine, but strangely they click on every level, so much so that right after they meet they move from coffee to bed. Devin is very taken with Chaz’s body art and piercings and they spend sometime together exploring each other and Davin gets to play with Chaz’s guiche. When Chaz has to leave for a gig Devin shows up at the club where the band is playing and gives him a wonderful surprise, proving once again that one should not judge a book by its cover.

Bearing Witness by Lee Benoit 4.50 stars

This is the longest of the 3 stories and for me the most moving. Preston and Paulo are in a D/s relationship and they were attending a ceremony for two friends, a Master and his boy. Tasim and Jesse were clearly still very enamoured of each other but had reached the end of their contract and were going their separate ways. This ceremony was heartbreaking for Paulo because it represented the writing on the wall for his relationship with Preston, and even though he wore his collar he felt that the time would soon come when Preston would move on.

Preston and Paulo were in love with each other and had been together for some time so this was a different type of story between the Dom and his sub, although no less erotic, and the guiche played a significant role in their commitment to each other.

Altogether this was quite a good collection of diverse stories which I enjoyed very much and I think you will too if you like walking on the wild side.

9 thoughts on “Toy Box – Guiche

  1. Tam

    Well, in light of my recent post about ink and metal seems like I'll have to check this one out even though piercings "down there" kind of make me nervous.

  2. jessewave

    Hi kkm

    Actually my scores tend to be higher than the other reviewers on the blog. 4 stars is "recommended" and obviously 4.25 and 4.5 stars are pretty high.

  3. jessewave

    You'll really like the stories. #1 is so hot it will peel paint and #2 is not far behind. # 3 is more tender but with a bit of BDSM.

    If Tam had a taint she would probably go for the guiche.:)

  4. Tam

    Ah. I would NOT. You're right Ingrid they're not my parts but I get sympathy pains. I have a vivid imagination. LOL

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