So much has happened since I wrote this post over three years ago when we moved from a blog to this website. This week we made a change to a new host because of access problems and I thought it was past time to update this page, which was WAY overdue.

With the move to a new host everyone will be able to log on much faster and we hope that there are no more disruptions, other than those caused by future upgrades or other changes.

We keep GROWING and I find it unbelievable that so many of you love the site as much as you do. Thank you all for dropping by and staying. On November 11, 2012 we recorded our 4.4 millionth visitor and there have been 286.5 million hits. Isn’t that incredible?

A bit of news which really isn’t news. As you all know, Aunt Lynn has been my partner on the site since March 2011 and Christian Otto has been my other partner and Webmaster since we moved here 3-1/2 years ago.  Recently they decided to help pay for the operating costs of the site and become full financial as well as technical partners and I am most appreciative since the all-in costs of running reviewsbyjessewave.com have become very expensive. I want to express my personal thanks to Lynn and Christian for everything they have done in the past and keep doing every day in order to make this website a place that so many of you love to visit. We will continue to improve and always look forward to your suggestions.

Here are a few reminders:

Favorites: Please remember to add the URL to your “Favorites” list.

The site has a mobile phone/PDA friendly interface with progressive enhancement for advanced mobile browsers. Visitors can now not only view the site on the go, but can also leave comments that way. Visit the mobile version of the site via http://mobile.reviewsbyjessewave.com

You may also subscribe to this website through the RSS 2.0 feed via http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/?feed=rss2

As always, we welcome your feedback on ways to improve our service, new topics, fun posts etc.  We will keep adding new content as time permits and welcome your ideas. Check out “contact” to see where to send your emails, but you can still continue to send them to jessewave@gmail.com.

Pull up a chair, sit down and enjoy all the latest posts and news. When you leave, please turn down the lights and  be sure to come back. :grin:

Thanks everyone for your support over the 4-1/2  years the site and blog have been in opreration and I hope you will continue to visit us in even greater numbers. Looking forward to talking to you.


76 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Wave Post author

    Hi Justacat
    Because we have just moved it’s going to be a long job to tag all 875+ posts. I’m working as fast as I can, in between everything else I have to do (real life stuff*g*), but it will be a while. However, the blog is still open and you can access any posts there while we transition to the new website.

    There is a search feature on the Header which should be helpful, but even there, until I populate all of the fields, not everything will be available. Please be patient. Some websites take 6 months before they are fully functional – I’m aiming for a month to six weeks, which is pretty ambitious.

  2. Wave Post author

    Hi Nadja
    It’s great to see that you found your way to the new site. The move was successful but now comes the hard part – finding and tagging all the posts that were moved over.:)

    Thank you for the nice words but it’s all Christian’s work – I only helped from the sidelines by getting in his way.

  3. K. Z. Snow

    Wow! I’m impressed. Nice, clean site, Wave, quick to load and easy to read.

    Congratulations to you and Christian for a wonderful job!

  4. Wave Post author

    Thanks KZ
    I’m so glad that you’re able to get on to the site. The move was mostly because you and Clare London who could never log on to the blog.:) Enjoy!

    BTW most of the heavy lifting was done by Christian to whom the homage is due.

  5. justacat

    Oh, I have no problem being patient!!! I just wondered if I was missing something, or if the new site wasn’t going to have that feature; sounds like it’s simply a matter of time, and that’s no problem at all. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise – I definitely understand, as I work on websites myself. I’m incredibly appreciative and grateful to you and Christian for such a fabulous, enjoyable site. And thanks for the response. :-)

  6. Ken Harrison

    The new blog looks great! You might want to remind your readers that they can subscribe to your blog via RSS or ATOM feeds. It’s just an easier way to keep up with any new blog content. I think all the new web browsers support both these days.

    Good luck and congrats!

  7. Wave Post author

    Thanks for the tip Ken. I will be sure to add this information, and thank you for dropping by and the nice words.:)

  8. thelastaerie

    wow!! i just got back from my holiday and find this! This looks GREAT! And omg, you’ve given up on the black background and white text! *kisses and hugs*

    the site looks very professional and clean and mmm… still as yummy :)

    best of luck, Wave and thank you!

  9. Wave Post author

    Hi Eve
    Great to have you in our new home. Yes, the black background was bothering a lot of folks so I gave up on it except in the header.:)

    It’s a lot of work but eventually when all the tagging is done it will be worth it. Hope to see a lot more of you now that you can read the posts.*g*

  10. Ceddy078

    Hey There,

    Just discovered this site whilst I was Googling Geoffrey Knight. I’m certianly glad I did. What a great site. looking forward to spending my time reading the reviews and getting ideas for future book puchases.


  11. Tara

    I have just noticed the OLD FAVORITES section. Just wanted to say nice touch. It is good to be reminded of old favorites or to find older books I might have missed.

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