Coming Up This Week August 8


Next weekend Christian will be doing some maintenance on the site so next Sunday morning you may not be able to access it for about an hour. He’s upgrading to the newest version of WordPress and let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed that all goes well.

In this week’s Ins and Outs post it’s Josh Lanyon’s turn again and here’s his newest topic ” So You Want to Be a Rock ‘N Roll Star?” This should be very interesting.

Next week James Buchanan is in the house. I wonder what he’s cooking up?

On Friday, instead of my usual rant post I have given my spot for one week only to a guest blogger. His topic? No Cheaters Allowed. :) How dare he? No cheaters allowed indeed!!

Today I posted two reviews (YAY for me :)) The first one is a little gem called Just Guys from B.G. Thomas, a new M/M writer who was profiled a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the link. I also reviewed K.A. Mitchell’s latest, Life, Over Easy linked here

Thanks to Rick Reed who did such a terrific job last week on his Ins and Outs post. Rick is becoming very popular on this site so he’ll be back, even if I have to drag him kicking and screaming. :) Here’s a link to his postGetting Eyed While Avoiding Overexposure

Friday was the last post until next Winter of the New M/M Authors who Rock who were nominated by you. I hope you will support these authors by buying their books. If you didn’t see this post here’s a link

I’ll be doing a separate post on the Fun Writing Contest which closed a week ago. Please send in those ugly covers for the 5th Ugly Covers Competition which has a week to go.

Free Books This Week

Open Roads by K.C. Kendricks – Amber Allure
The Manituw by Lisbeth Jenkins – Amber Allure
His Hearth by Mary Calmes – Dreamspinner Press

Unexpected Guest
by Andy Eisenberg – Dreamspinner
Green Lake by Anna Marie May


Reviews This Week

Aunt Lynn: Most Wanted by Barbara Sheridan
Jenre: Fugly by K.Z. Snow; Making Promises by Amy Lane; Puppy Love 3 by Jeff Erno; Off Trail by JB MacDonald
Leslie: Family Ties by D.C. Juris
Val: Wings of Love by Deirdre O’Dare
Lily: Nature’s Own by Nica Berry; Inestimable Blessings by Amanda Young
John: Big Diehl: the Road Home by John Seaton
I will review: Strawberries For Dessert by Marie Sexton; Life, Over Easy by K.A. Mitchell; Just Guys by B.G. Thomas; Driftwood by Harper Fox; Dragon’s Kiss by Ally Blue; Beached Hearts by Scarlet Blackwell

This Friday the guys are in the house modeling their skimpiest beachwear. Do drop by!

Saturday is still up in the air because Tam hasn’t written a fun post in ages. Maybe one of you would like to help out until she returns from vacation. LOL

21 thoughts on “Coming Up This Week August 8

  1. Lilli

    Yeah, this sounds really great again, Wave! Lots of reviews coming in that I’ve been waiting for, kind of. :)


      1. Lilli

        *lol* I wish I had… I’m not allowed to buy any new books these next months. With so big a TBR pile it would honestly drive me nuts to add to it.

        I think I need some counceling in regards to my reading and book buying habits.

  2. Val Kovalin

    Great baseball player photo, ha, ha!

    I’ll have a Wednesday review for Wings of Love by Deirdre O’Dare, and I’m definitely looking forward to what’s coming up next week, especially Josh’s post and Jen’s reviews of Fugly and Making Promises. :)

    1. Wave Post author

      You know I love sports. :)

      I forgot about Wings. I’ll add it now.

      What about my reviews? Are you only looking forward to Jen’s? I’m working very hard this week. :)

      1. Val Kovalin

        Ha, ha! Definitely looking forward to your reviews. Without you, I never would have known about that aura-centric plot or snapped up the Kindle edition. :)

  3. Larissa

    Sounds good! Hopefully I have more time to catch up in the coming weeks ;-) Though I keep saying that everytime!

    I’m also really curious as to what the review of Fugly will say!

    1. Wave Post author

      Someone’s rocking the house but it’s not me. :) You have to buy this Harper Fox book – it’s incredible.

      1. TJ

        Why do you tease me Wave? That’s just mean. ;) How many more days do I have to wait for the new Harper Fox? I will stop reading whatever I’m in the middle of to read it.

        1. Wave Post author

          August 17 is the release date so you don’t have to wait long. You’ll have a week to anticipate it because I’ll be posting my review on Tuesday. :) I love this even more than some of Josh’s books and that’s saying a lot.

  4. simsala

    I`m still waiting soooo patiently for a certain review
    of an “old favourite”………*whispering very,very quietly* :)

    1. Wave Post author

      Hi Sims
      How are you?

      Which old favourite did I promise to review that I still haven’t delivered? :) I’m sure there are many, but which one in particular. :)

      1. simsala

        Thank you,Wave
        I`m fine!:)

        Yes,there are many :),but in that special case it`s Catching A Second Wind.
        Don`t worry.I`ll still remind you at every possible opportunity. :) :)

        1. Wave Post author

          Thanks for the timely reminder Sims. I’ll have it converted to prc so that I can read it at my leisure on the Kindle. I promise that if I can’t review it in a timely manner that there will be a review SOON!

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