Jordan Castillo Price PsyCop Flash Fic. Contest


Jordan and I had a couple of discussions about a contest to get your brains in gear (and hers too) :) and she came up with this suggestion:

She’s looking for a reader who has the best PsyCop flash fic idea and she will pick  her favorite and post a flash fic.  She wants you to work for it, but she swears it’ll be worth it! :)

Your job: give her your flash fic idea in a single sentence of 20 words or less that must include either a color, an odor, or an object smaller than a breadbox. 

Her job: She’ll pick her favorite and write a PsyCop flash fic from it!

I think this is a wonderful idea and both Jordan and I are looking forward to your exciting suggestions!

You have until May 26 to leave your comments on this post.

36 thoughts on “Jordan Castillo Price PsyCop Flash Fic. Contest

  1. SherryF

    How fun! I will have to get my thinking cap on but need to stop this and go to work! :grumble:

  2. Tam

    Off the top of my head:

    On a Vegas vacation they find their room haunted by a sex toy salesman offering suggestions, including vibrating blue dolphin.

    Looking forward to the other suggestions.

  3. Jordan S.

    Oh! I’ve got to think of something for this! It sounds wonderful!!! Thanks Jordan!

  4. brian

    Ooh, this is EPIC! :) I have one…I’ve always thought it would be a fun story, since the flowers smell like rotting flesh:

    “Did the Senator really have a fondness for raising Carrion flowers, or was he hiding something terrible in his greenhouse?”

  5. Jordan S.

    I decided to go a little dark themed here and to include all the words suggested. Gosh, it was hard having to keep it at 20 words!

    Jacob saw Vic stumble into his precinct, a knife in his hands, covered in black goo, and a swamp smell.


  6. Lacey

    I blame Facebook.

    Fried chicken, a half bottle of wine, and a red cloth spread out on the floor. Date night.

  7. Majken

    The sky suddenly seemed black and the smell of rot filled their noses, they looked at the letter in confusion

  8. Ange

    Vic can’t believe Betty brought an actual red velvet cake to the housewarming he never wanted.

  9. rosesarered

    It was a silver wristwatch but as he got closer the hands started spinning and there was a distinct aroma of citrus.

    Sorry couldn’t keep it under 20 words. (Another reason I suck at tweeting, cannot adhere to word counts :P)

  10. Halfwolf

    The room was red and smelled like copper and the wound in his head ached like hell.

    (Sorry if there is any mistake in my english u.ù)

  11. Hope

    Here’s my contribution to the cause.

    “..Opening the door, all Vic saw was a brass colored genie bottle sitting on the welcome mat outside the door…..”

    Twenty words seems like a lot until you try to limit yourself to that. :eek:

  12. Leslie

    As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I am going that route, borrowing a line (with a one word addition) from the author herself:

    Jacob replied, “He’s got the whole rock-star look going on, rail-thin, tight jeans, faded black T-shirt.”

  13. SherryF

    Jacob holds Vic tighter and fills his lungs to absorb the unique scent of Vic; coffee, mowed grass, and Auracel.

  14. rdafan7

    this is fun, here goes nothing…….

    “The iridescent colors along with the shape of the tattoo caught Vics eye”

  15. SherryF

    Wild Bill felt something gouging his hip. Where did the one-legged Ken doll come from?

  16. Andy Slayde

    Just some ideas off the top of my head…

    1.Vic/Jacob/Crash all dream about a 3some. Purple hair, Tequila body shots and lots of lemons.

    2.A haunted zoo, smelling of poo. Zig mistakes Vic for an animal communicator. “Why is that penguin staring at me?”

    3.Crash goes to a tattoo parlor which smells of smoke and *insertcolognehere* And he meets his match.

    4.The dreaded housewarming party. Lots of booze, chicken wings, a green jello mold and five toaster gifts. A party crasher.

    5.Vic goes into a nice little shop. The smell of chocolate. The color red. The most enticing Petit Fours.

  17. Pea

    The contest deadline is also my birthday – which made me wonder how Vic would deal with these prompts:

    Jacob’s birthday, a red light and the video cam Crash gave Jacob.

    (Although Vic was pretty laid back about Jacob’s forgetting his birthday, somehow I get the impression he wouldn’t be so sanguine about Jacob’s.)

    Thank you! Looking forward to reading the flash fic, whomever wins.

  18. Raine

    My effort-

    The clothes designer with the coral snake ankle bracelet, smelt of honey, he stared at me accusingly. :smile:

    Thanks for the fun.

  19. Ali Wilde

    Vic has black nails and eyeliner, he’s playing an HIM CD, and smells of motor oil; Jacob wonders why.

  20. Kelly

    Vic wasn’t a beach person. He rusted. Or so he’d told Jacob. Actually, he just hated all the dead surfers.

  21. Tara

    Vic hated the smell of grape bubblegum. It made him think of the giant grape guy from the underwear ads.

  22. Tara

    Crash, not just a name but the sound of my life pumping useless brakes and exploding. At least my underwear’s clean.

  23. Peter

    Vic wasn’t surprised when Jacob stumbled in, smelling of cheap beer and cigarette smoke. “I knew you’d go,” he said.

  24. Christina

    “I could smell the ocean, feel the sunlight, and hear the waves crashing to shore, but saw nothing but darkness.”

  25. rdafan7

    would love to see Vic & Jacob on a “fish out of water vacation for Vic”, maybe a fishing/camping trip, & Vic finds a ring?/small object in the water, the important thing is a happy/content Vic…

  26. Ka Zoua

    Church bells and white lace, how I hated such cheerful things… even as Jacob was grinning at me.

  27. Jordan

    Wow, great job, guys! I’ve picked a favorite, and now I just need to write it. A few of the criteria I used in selecting my fave:

    1. followed the rules of 1 sentence, 20 words. I think everyone got the color, smell or object part.

    2. was plausible within the storyverse but would not affect the series if it wasn’t read. That took a few really great prompts out of the running. Jacob’s birthday hasn’t happened yet and will probably receive mention that affects the rest of the series once it does; Vic doesn’t typically fly so they wouldn’t do a quick weekend in Vegas.

    3. was the right size of a concept for a flash fic. Bigger ideas would turn into a cheap twist at 500-1000 words, which I think would be unsatisfying.

    Leslie’s idea of turning a line she wanted expounded upon into a line of dialog struck me as particularly inventive. Or maybe that’s just my ego talking :P

    I will be back with a ficcie for you in a few days, and you’ll see which idea struck my fancy! Thanks for playing, everyone!

    1. Wave Post author

      Hey Jordan
      Thank you for allowing the site to run your contest. I think everyone had fun coming up with ideas and I look forward to reading your flash fic. :)

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