Friday Guys October 28


guy no. 19


guy no.18


guy no.17

guy no.16


guy no.15


guys no. 14


guy no.13


guys no. 12


guy no.11


guy no.10


guy no.9


guy no.8


guy no.7


guys no.6



guy no.4


guy no.3


guy no. 2


guy no. 1

31 thoughts on “Friday Guys October 28

  1. sammy2006

    OMG–I’M QUIVERING!! How can it be??? The first–Wave, your First??!! :shock: I am treading on virginal ground–oh my, must get a hold of myself. And now dear Wave–once again I must wag my finger at you and say Naughty, naughty–peeking at my photo album again!! While I love the one of me and the rugby boys on holiday at my private beach I must of course choose my baby boy #7–aren’t those nice sheets–got those on sale-200thread count–what’s that–hmmm?? Oh, (blush) you weren’t looking at the sheets were you?? Naughty Wave!!

    Kisses and hugs and Happy Halloween Wave!!

    Wait–while I was posting LadyM snuck in–curses–oh well–I still have my boy!!

    1. Wave Post author

      Why are you quivering Sammy? :???: You got your baby boy #7 because LadyM chose no. 9. 200 thread count won’t last long with you – you should consider 600 thread count, just in case. :grin:

  2. Lynn G

    I’m thinking #5 this week… Though I might join him instead. It’s looking both warmer and sunnier there… :D And such a lovely pool… Shame to waste it. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ;)

    Happy Halloween, Wave! :)

  3. SusieQ

    #3 pretty please!! He definitely looks like he could give “mischief night” a whole new yummy meaning!!

    1. Wave Post author

      No 3 is going home with you Susie and I know he’s looking forward to seeing you. He’s still smiling. :cool:

    1. Wave Post author

      I guess you saw all of his movies. :grin: He’ll let you take off his armour if you let him do the same to you. :cool:

    1. Wave Post author

      Hi Cosmonaut
      I agree that no. 8 is gorgeious. He’s very pensive but then you probably aren’t taking him home to talk. :grin:

  4. Jeffrey

    I can’t believe Dawson and Troy in #14 are still available. I just love the guys at Corbin Fisher especially Dawson (right).

  5. Dianne T.

    Good grief, nobody has jumped in the shower with #17 yet? I’ll take him for the weekend and make sure every inch of him gets dirty…..uhm, clean………both?! :happydance:

  6. larissa

    *grin* they are all over at my place, dressing up for a Halloween bash! They sure look hot out of their clothes! :cool:

  7. Mark Probst

    Wow, a really tantalizing picture of Jon-Erik Hexum. I’ll bet that picture comes from “Voyagers.” It is so sad that he died so young as the result of a tragic accident.

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