Readers’ Favourite Gay Books 2012 – Update


In September 2009 I posted my Favourite Gay Books and solicited reader input in order to come up with a combined list. Subsequently I published the Readers’ Favourite Gay Books which incorporated your recommendations with my original list and apparently everyone loves the new list, going by the number of hits.  It has become a handy reference for gay books for most of you especially those readers new to the genre.

The list has been updated twice since the first time it was published and I have been avoiding the job of another update because I knew it would be a horrendous task to incorporate your new favourite books, however I can’t procrastinate any longer and this update has to be done. Therefore, for the next 2 weeks I would appreciate it if you could submit the names of five of your favourite gay books in the comments on this post under the following categories for inclusion in the updated list.

The Classics – for this purpose books released 15 years ago i.e. 1997 or earlier
Current– recent releases should be categorized as follows

S=Speculative Fiction/Paranormal/Fantasy/
SF – Science Fiction
SP – Steampunk
Social History=SH

For ease of reference all paranormal books are listed as speculative fiction so please ensure you use this designation when you submit your favourite paranormal books. If you don’t follow the above categories we won’t be able to include your recommendations.

Since this is a male/male list, only gay books should be submitted but before you do PLEASE check the current list to ensure you’re not adding a book that’s already there, and follow the categories as this will make it a lot easier on the person who will have the actual job of adding to the master list.

Since I know that many of you read a lot I would ask that you use some restraint and only include your top 5 books so that there will be a wide range of books from all M/M readers, not just those of you who read 200+ books a year. I know this will be hard but I have every confidence that you can do it and you will probably find that other readers will submit some of your favourites. This is not a Top 50 or Top 100 or whatever, it’s supposed to be your favourite books and currently the list stands at over 400. I’m sure that by the time it’s updated we’ll be close to 1,000. If you’re an author please don’t recommend your own books even though it’s tempting to do so. :) I’m sure your fans will include your books. If you notice that someone else has already recommended one of your favourites you can either choose another book or stick with your original recs. It’s up to you.

Now here is the kicker. Wren Boudreau who did a fantastic job compiling this list in the past is unable to do so this time around because she’s working on another important project, so I’m looking for a volunteer who can take up where Wren left off. If you’re interested and have the time to undertake this project please email me.

I will be closing this post on Friday, April 6 so please ensure you submit your recommendations before then.

62 thoughts on “Readers’ Favourite Gay Books 2012 – Update

  1. Sirius

    Only five Wave? Only five?????? You are such hard task master, but okay, I will try my very very best. I will have to think and choose carefully, but one I can submit right now, no wait two. Definitely very memorable book’s of this year for me. Contemporary – Latakia by JF Smith and historical – Bonds of earth by GN c
    Chevalier. I still have three left – yay.

    1. Wave Post author

      Sorry Sirius but I want to accommodate everyone’s recommendations. :) If, for example, you and many other readers submitted 25 recs, have you any idea how long the list would be? :shock: It would be meaningless as well as take months to compile.

      I know you can do this. :lol:

      BTW you don’t have to spell out the genre just use the letter so for example your rec. of Bonds of Earth should look like this: “Bonds of Earth by G.N. Chevalier (H)”. Also please make sure that the spelling of the name of the book and the author are correct since we won’t be able to check any information. Thanks.

  2. Josie

    Here are my 5, I didn’t need to think about it as I have a top ten list of books to keep on my ereader forever!

    The Heart of Texas by RJ Scott (C)
    Nothing Ever Happens by Sue Brown (C)
    Stolen Summer by SA Meade (C)
    A Strong Hand by Catt Ford (C)
    Dark Horse by Kate Sherwood (C)

  3. Allie2

    1. Fand by Laney Cairo (S)
    2. Force of Law by Jez Morrow (C)
    3. Laying a Ghost, Giving up the Ghost, Waking the Dead by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow (S)
    4. Muscling Through by J L Merrow (C)
    5. Slow Bloom by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox (C)

  4. Val Kovalin

    According to Hoyle by Abigail Roux (H)
    Dark Soul series books 1-5 by Aleksandr Voinov (M)
    Hot Head by Damon Suede (C)
    Mongrel by KZ Snow (S)
    The Starving Years by Jordan Castillo Price (S)

    1. Val Kovalin

      Because Melissa — thank you, Melissa! :) — has also nominated Hot Head, that allows me to change my fifth book to Faster Than the Speed of Light by Lucius Parhelion (H)

      1. Val Kovalin

        According to Hoyle by Abigail Roux (H)
        Dark Soul series books 1-5 by Aleksandr Voinov (M)
        Faster Than the Speed of Light by Lucius Parhelion (H)
        Mongrel by KZ Snow (S)
        The Starving Years by Jordan Castillo Price (S)

  5. Melissa

    Ooooh, so hard to narrow it down to five, and I haven’t even been reading books from the M/M genre for more than a few months. ^^;

    Okay, okay. Five of my very all-time favorites (so far):

    Bonds of Earth – G.N. Chevalier (H)
    Life Lessons – Kaje Harper (C)
    The Zero Knot – K.Z. Snow (C)
    Hot Head – Damon Suede (C)
    The Time of the Singing – Louise Blaydon (C)

    1. Wave Post author

      Several of your favourites have already been recommended (check the recs. from other readers) so you can choose to go with your current recommendations or substitute other books from your favourite list. It’s up to you. :)

  6. Jaime

    1. A Life Without You- Erica Pike (C)
    2. A Matter Of Time- Mary Calmes (C)
    3. Blood and Tears- Ethan Stone (C)
    4. Stick & Stones- Abigail Roux (C)
    5. Chase In Shadow- Amy Lane (C)

  7. Raine

    1. A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe ( S )
    2. Aisling 1-3 by Carole Cummings ( S )
    3. Clear Water by Amy Lane ( C )
    4. Riot Boy by Katey Hawthorne ( S )
    5. Unacceptable Risk by Kaje Harper ( S )

  8. Sirius

    Irregulars, irregulars, irregulars (s) – that’s only one book and I still have two more :), good to see that so many of my favorites had been nominated already :)

  9. MandyM

    My favourites so far from 2012 are:

    Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander (M)
    Storms and Stars by Neena Jaydon (SF)
    Ghost: Wolf’s Own by Carole Cummings (S)
    A Bar Tender Tale by Melanie Tushmore (C)

    1. Wave Post author

      I believe this book is trans, not M/M, in which case it would not qualify for the list. Am I correct?

  10. Sirius

    Not in the literal sense, no. I can email you, but do not want to give out the big spoiler. Regardless the main couple were gay men even if it is not all they were and technically they are not transgender even if metaphor behind their identity may reflect that.

  11. asherlev1

    (C) – Muscling Through by J.L. Merrow
    (C) – Great Restorations by Libby Drew
    (C) – One Real Thing by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox
    (C) – Lonestar by Josh Lanyon
    (M) – State of Mind by Libby Drew

    OMG that was actually kind of hard. But there a few that I think will most likely get named at some point. Hopefully. :D

  12. Pattib

    Out Of The Woods & Twice Caught (S) – Syd Mcginley
    The Island (C) – Lisa Henry
    Come Unto These Yellow Sands )C) – Josh Lanyon
    Life In Fusion (C) – Ethan Day

  13. bobbie

    Moonlight Becomes You – C Piper Vaughn /MJ O Shea
    GhosTV – S Jordan Castillo Price

    Bad Boyfriend -C K.A. Mitchell
    True of Heart -S M.L. Rhodes

  14. Janet

    Secret Light – Z.A. Maxfield H
    Where There’s Smoke – L.A. Witt C
    Escape Velocity -Anah Crow and Dianne Fox SCI/FI
    Chip in His Shoulder -L.A. Witt SCI/FI
    Boats in the Night – Josephine Myles C

  15. Sirius

    Oh Oh Tamara Allen’s The only Gold is not on the list. (H). Must rectify that :).

    Okay, Wave, I am done, unless I can do another ten or twenty? No? Okay :)

  16. Chris

    The Only Gold by Tamara Allen (H)

    There are a couple of older novels that I’d like to mention, but I’ll have to check on their dates of publication. Not sure at the moment whether they’d be Classics or Current.

    ETA: Oops, looks like Sirius was posting as I was typing! Great minds, and all that…

  17. Feliz

    Here are :my2cents: aka my five favorites (all current)
    – Well Traveled by Margaret Mills and Tedy Ward (H)
    – Transit by Aleksandr Voinov and Raev Gray (c)
    – Settling the Score by Eden Winters (C)
    – Khyber Run by Amber Green (C)
    – Apples and Regret and Wasted Time by Cornelia Grey (C)(this is a short story – can I nominate it anyway?)
    Many of my other faves are already here, so all the better for me ;-)

  18. Sirius

    Okay, so I am submitting “A Private Gentleman” by Heidi Cullinan (H) instead of Blacker than Black.

  19. Kait

    Only 5? Tough task… :eek:

    1.) One Real Thing- Anah Crow and Dianne Fox (C)

    2.) Everything You Are- Nikki McCoy (S)

    3.) Memories Erased and Sequel Treachery- M.E. Reid (C)

    4.) The Last Bite- Evangeline Anderson (S)

    5.) Spoils of War- Kari Gregg (H)

    1. Kait

      #2 is suppose to say “Everything That You Are” by Nikki McCoy (S). Sorry for the title misspelling; too late to edit.

  20. Mary G

    In no order:
    Devlin and Garrick – Cameron Dane
    Nowhere Ranch – Heidi Cullinan
    Exceptions To The Rule – Fae Sutherland
    Protection – S A Reid
    The Locker Room – Amy Lane

    Great shopping list already – Thanks
    FYI my faves were mentioned a lot:
    Hot Head & Bad Boyfriend

  21. FireFly

    1. Change of Heart Series(Book 1-3) – Mary Calmes
    2. Draegan Lords Series (Book 1-3 so far) – ML Rhodes (I wish Ms. Rhodes would hurry up with the last one).
    3. Between Sinners and Saints – Marie Sexton
    4. The Making of a Man Series (Book 1-4 so far) – Diane Adams
    5. Shattered Glass – Dani Alexander

    Then again, some of my favorites already mentioned above.

  22. Ellie

    So many of my favorites have already been mentioned so I’ll add: (all current)
    1. Faith and Fidelity – Tere Michaels
    2. Duty and Devotion – Tere Michaels
    3. Cut and Run Series (including Sticks & Stones and Fish & Chips) Urban & Roux
    4. Rules of Engagement – LA Witt
    5. Strongman – Denise Rossetti

  23. Kirsten

    OMG, Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley isn’t on your list?!! It would be under Speculative.

    I’d also add Flanders by Patricia Anthony as a Historical.

    How about Songmaster by Orson Scott Card in Science Fiction? I know he’s got some controversial views, to say the least, but the book is pretty spectacular.

    I also really liked Angel: 1089 by CC Bridges, which would be sci-fi.

    And last but not least, Winter Nights by Harper Fox under speculative.

  24. Bogusia

    I swear to God, Wave just kill me …only five, ONLYYY FIVEEE !!!!???? :shock: :grin:
    So many of my favorites have already been mentioned so :
    S – Witt L.A. – Tooth&Claw 1 – The Given & The Taken
    M – Haley Walsh – Skyler Foxe Mystery 2 – Foxe Hunt
    S – J.C. Owens – Wings 2 – Dominion Of The Eth
    C – Scarlet Blackwell – Secondhand Heart
    M – H.J. Brues – Yakuza Pride

    Have a great day.

    1. Wave Post author


      Thanks for your list but you haven’t indicated what genre the books are. Would you mind doing so please? Thanks.

  25. Madde

    1. Gravitational Attraction – Angel Martinez (SF)
    2. Chase in Shadows – Amy Lane (C)
    3. When Love Is Not Enough – Wade Kelly (C)
    4. Talker 1-3 – Amy Lane (C)
    5. Scorpion – Alexandr Voinov (S)

    It was harder to choose then I thought it would be…

  26. Wave Post author

    Hi Guys
    Most of you are indicating the genre as I requested however I noticed a few books without the appropriate letter indicating the genre. Since we need this information for the updated list would you PLEASE include it?

    Also, I noticed that you are adding books that are already on the previous list. This would be a waste of your 5 recs. PLEASE check the original list
    BEFORE you add your recommendation. Thanks.

  27. Majken

    I think I’ve read the list carefully now and not found these

    Brushback by Jamie Scofield (M)
    Lesson Learned by Lillian Francis (C)
    Barging In by Josephine Myles (C)
    Helldogs Squadron by AR Moler (S)
    The Courting series by J Rocci (C)

    Appologies if I missed them, I still have a fuzzy feverhead :(

  28. Mary G

    Sorry I missed the genres.
    Devlin and Garrick – Cameron Dane-C
    Nowhere Ranch – Heidi Cullinan-W
    Exceptions To The Rule – Fae Sutherland-C
    The Locker Room – Amy Lane-C
    Protection – S A Reid-H? (1931 but it didn’t feel like a historical)

  29. nichem

    Hmm, there are a few older books I’m surprised aren’t already on the list, so I’ll recommend them now because they’re some of my favorites.

    Dangerous Ground series by Josh Lanyon (M)

    I Spy Something Bloody and I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon (M)

    Amor En Retrogrado by A.M. Riley (C)

    Darshian Tales series by Ann Somerville (S)

    And I have one more, so I’ll get back to you with that one. :smile:

    1. Wave Post author

      You should check whether any of these books are already on the current list so you don’t waste your 5 recommendations.

      1. nichem

        I thought I remembered them being on the list, but I checked the post you linked to and they weren’t. Unless the 2010 list in the post you linked wasn’t the complete list from the year before?

        ETA Nope, just checked both favorite books lists, and those aren’t on there, unless I’m just missing it. I was surprised.

  30. Karan

    Come Onto These Yellow Sands by Josh Lanyon (C)

    The Dark Tide (Adrien English series) by Josh Lanyon (C/M)

    Strawberries For Dessert (AtoZ series) by Marie Sexton (C)

    Among The Living (PsyCop series)by Jordan Castillo Price (S)((really hard choice between this and Hemovore))

    Finding Zach by Rowan Speedwell (C)

  31. Maggie

    Downtime, Tamara Allen (H)

    Diplomacy, Zahra Owens (C)

    Kindred Hearts, Rowan Speedwell, (H)

    Overdrive, Ariel Tachna, (C)

    Marathon Cowboys, Sarah Black (C)

  32. Patricia

    Hi Wave,

    my list was way too long so I restricted myself to books published in 2011 and it was still hard:

    K.C. Burn – Cop Out – C
    Amy Lane – The Winter Courting Rituals Of Fur-Bearing Critters – C
    Marie Sexton – Song of Oestend – S
    Charlie Cochrane – Cambridge Fellows Mystery 8 – All Lessons Learned – H
    T.J. Klune – Bear, Otter and the Kid – C

    this list of yours has been a great source of books worth reading. Thanks.

    1. Wave Post author

      Hi Patricia
      Thank you for your recs. I’m so happy you found the list of value, which is the reason recommendations from people like yourself are so important to other readers.

  33. mona

    I have enjoyed a lot of the books quoted before. My favourite is Strawberries for dessert by Marie Sexton (C), but it has been quoted.
    My other loved ones are:
    The nobleman and the spy bonnie dee and summer devon H)
    Out of darkness by kate Sherwood (C)
    Swan songs by tarn swan (C)
    Once upon a vete rinarian by drew Zachary (C)
    Double blind by Heidi Cullinan C)

  34. tripoli

    Oh gosh, so many of my favorites are already named! I also love JL Merrow, Josephine Myles and Finn Marlowe… Okay, digging through the stack to find five favorites that haven’t gotten the love yet (in no particular order):
    1. The Closer You Get, LA Witt, C
    2. The Psychic and the Sleuth by Bonne Dee and Summer Devon, H
    3. Forever in One Second, Finn Marlowe, S
    4. Gravitational Attraction,by Angel Martinez, SF
    5. Camwolf, JL Merrow, S

  35. Naaju Rorrete

    Wave, this is hard, but I tried. I checked the list and started making my post, before I finish posting, someone else posted my contemporary choices. So in the end, I went for historicals written by my favorite authors, which are my preferred type of m/m books anyway:

    The Gladiator’s Master by Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe (H)

    The Lion of Kent by Aleksandr Voinov and Kate Cotoner (H)

    His Client by Ava March (H)

    House of Mirrors by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon (H)

    Brook Street Thief by Ava March (H)

  36. Karan

    I apologize. I didn’t understand how the nominations worked, but now I do. I hope you’ll disregard my last post and consider these as my submissions:

    A Wealth of Unsaid Words by R. Cooper (C)
    Irregulars by Kimberling, Lanyon, Amara, and Hale (S)
    All Lessons Learned, A Cambridge Fellows Mystery by (M/SH)
    Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price (SF)
    Fish & Chips by Madeline Urban, Abigail Roux (C)

  37. Sona

    Not really the top 5 forever but top 5 right now!

    (C) Special Forces – Aleksander Voinov & Marquesate
    (C) Uneven – Anah Crow
    (S) Bloodraven – P L Nunn
    (C) Force of Law – Jez Morrow
    (C) Bareback – Chris Owen

  38. Lasha

    1 – Blind Space (SF) – Marie Sexton
    2 – Secret Light (H) – ZA Maxfield
    3 – Miracle of the Bellskis (C) – Astrid Amara
    4 – Long, Tall Drink (W) – LC Chase
    5 – Unspeakable Words (S) – Sarah Madison

  39. pea

    Sirius named 3 out of the 5 I was going to list and I also saw Faster than the Speed of Light, Aisling, and Secret Light (right above me!) listed, so I get to name others, yay:

    1. Marathon Cowboys by Sarah Black (C)
    2. Buddha on the Road by Jeff Pearce (C)
    3. Basic Training by Marquesete (C)
    4. Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander (M)
    5. Diversion by Eden Winters (M)

    I just want to say that this list is how I stumbled up on this site to begin with, and I relied on it heavily when I was starting to read m/m – thanks!

  40. Kaje Harper

    I’m glad so many of my favorites are already on the list – it lets me add these.

    1- Rag and Bone by Michael Nava (M) – the last of a series. The rest are more mystery than romance, but this one is both and I think stands alone
    2- Infected series by Andrea Speed (#2 – Bloodlines if I have to choose one book) (S)
    3- The Violet and the Tom by Eve Octillo (S)
    4- Admit One by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (C)
    5- If It Ain’t Love by Tamara Allen (H)

  41. Karen

    Hi Everyone,

    A few thoughts & suggestions on this:

    I decided to create an Excel spreadsheet from the 2010 list, then add these, then make my own picks after I’d collated the lists to avoid duplication. The result is a cool tool for my reading explorations, since I can sort by categories to search for my reading interests. Anyway, I started this before I noticed that Wave is looking for someone to help substitute for Wren’s role in organizing the list. So my project is of use please let me know, Wave.

    My suggestions:: To make this job easier for whoever is doing it, scroll up to the top of this post to Josie’s and Val’s lists (there are some others like this also), and copy their format.

    The Heart of Texas by RJ Scott (C)
    Nothing Ever Happens by Sue Brown (C)

    Then whoever is doing the compilation only needs to cut and paste. It will save someone a lot of work!

  42. Daanquai

    1. That’s What Brothers Do by Derekica Snake (c)
    2. Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela by Felicia Watson (c)
    3. Second You Sin by Scott Sherman (m)
    4. Like Pizza and Beer by Elle Parker (c)
    5. Broken by Dawn Kimberly Johnson (c)

  43. Karen

    If I didn’t space out too much with data entry on my “master” spreadsheet, these personal favorites have not been listed:

    Coyote’s Creed by Vaughn R. Demont (S)
    Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford (M)
    Outcast Mine by Jamie Craig (S)
    Scrap Metal by Harper Fox (C)

    If anyone is still deciding, these worthies don’t seem to be on the lists:
    Dance With Me by Heidi Cullinan (C)
    Fly Up Into the Night Sky by John Houser (S)
    The Dickens With Love by Josh Lanyon (C)

    If you want to consider rounding out series, add:
    Blood and Tears | Ethan Stone (M) (Flesh series: In the Flesh, Flesh and Bones)

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