R.I.P. Reading Rooms and Avatar Issues


Hey folks, Aunt Lynn here. We made a change today that may have inadvertently effected visitors to the site. We decided, based on a year’s worth of information, to eliminate the Reading Rooms, a section of the site that so few of you went to that the only activity on most of the pages was spam. We tried it, it didn’t take, no big whoop to cut that out (and give Wave more room for hot nekked menz on the right nav :) ).

BUT, when Christian administered the last rites and pulled the plug, we didn’t realize it would effect another aspect of the site: the avatars.

Since it seems they were tied together, most of us lost our little pics as part of our profile. If you’re one of the many (me included!) that this happened to, then hop on over to Gravatar.com and upload a new one. I know this is a pain and kinda stupid, but even if you re-upload your already uploaded image again for the email addy you use here, it will work.  Sincerest apologies, folks. If you have a question about this, leave a note in the comments and I’ll respond asap.

35 thoughts on “R.I.P. Reading Rooms and Avatar Issues

    1. Aunt Lynn Post author

      No, the smileys are staying, it’s the picture associated with your account (that shows up to the left of your name in the comments, for example) — if you assigned one, of course — that is the issue. You need to go to Gravatar.com to update that picture. Use all the smileys you want.

      1. Majken

        Oh, I meant the one next to my name, not the ones used here, I had a green smiley before, now it’s, um, not ;)

        1. Aunt Lynn Post author

          You can get it back by going to Gravatar.com if you’d like. Otherwise it’s a silhouette for you. :)

  1. Gaycrow

    Testing, testing … Just checking to see if my avatar shows up. I’m having problems getting into Gravatar at the moment.

    If I remember correctly, the Reading Rooms didn’t always work, which is why maybe they weren’t used more. Or am I confusing that with something else? :???:

    ETA: Looks like my avatar still works, without me having to do anything. :-)

    1. Aunt Lynn Post author

      Yup, looks like it’s working to me, Gaye.

      Not sure if the RRs had issues, but the spam certainly got through. :)

  2. Laura

    I thought the reading rooms were a good idea but felt like spoiler alerts were needed when discussing a book others hadn’t read yet.

  3. Jeffrey

    since some people still worked and I’m lazy I’m going to check before doing anything… I may also need to recreate my avatar because I don’t know where it may be saved…

  4. Aunt Lynn Post author

    If you go to Gravatar.com and sign in with the email you use here, you should see ones you already have. If you re-upload one, it should take effect.

    1. Jeffrey

      I’m trying to log into gravatar with the same username and password I use to log into here but it’s not working. Then I tried setting up an account but it won’t let me because my username is already set up. Any thoughts?

      1. Aunt Lynn Post author

        I found that the password there was not the same as here, though the username (email) was. If it finds your email addy — which is good — but you don’t remember the password, ask for it in their “forgot password” or whatever it is link.

      1. Aunt Lynn Post author

        Sorry Danae. I see that some others had issues, then they were resolved, either by time or persistence. Some people have it working on the first try, others take several attempts.

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