• Although abbreviated, there’s lots of sexy goodness here Wave. Who doesn’t love Paul & Levi. And those boys in the hammock? After the experiences of the past 2 weeks, a swing in a hammock somewhere warm would be heaven! Can I squeeze between them and soak up some heat?

    • Here you are at the top of the line as usual Teej. 😆 The guys in the hammock would love to have you join them after the last couple of weeks. Enjoy! 😀 BTW they said they’re bringing some extra gas (don’t know what that means). :blush:

      • Well if they bring the car kinda gas, they might have a stampede trying to buy or trade for it. Although since we started the odd/even day rationing, things have calmed down.

        During the height of the shortage, I heard on the news that someone actually placed an ad offering gas in exchange for sex. I didn’t want gas that badly, heat yes, gas no. But then I suppose the sex would’ve generated some heat. Hmmm…

        • I saw those ads on television – I think it might have been on Anderson’s show. Several people offered their bodies for gas and they were hot looking guys, so you might missed a golden opportunity. 😮 Unfortunately lately I seem to be getting my heat from reading M/M. 😯

  • Oh hello there, No. 6. You look so sleek. Care to give me a ride?

    (Wave, I’m so glad I can leave comments again omg! The other site started blocking me for some reason. *weeps tears of joys*)

    • Hi Kaoru

      So now you want a ride as well as take no. 6 home with you? 😆 I apologise for all the problems – we were just as affected as you but hopefully everything is now back to the way it was in the past.

  • First, welcome back…

    Second, WOW… Now the question is do I want to ride a horse (#1 :whip: ), play tennis (#3 :jump: ), go swimming (#5 :fish: ) or do nothing special (#8 :angel: ). I think its down to #5 and #8 and I really can’t decide. 😯 Wave, if you won’t send me both, then I’ll let you pick one for me. 😀

    • Hey Jeffrey
      It’s so good to see you on Sunday. I didn’t realize I gave you so many sports activities with my choices of Friday guys. Could it be that I love sports which is why I selected these guys? :wave: :bravo:

      Well you know I can’t send you both no. 5 and 8 as it’s not your birthday, but I’ll send you no. 8 as I think he’s cuter. Enjoy! 😀

  • I only window shop, I don’t take home. I’ve got to say though, #7 has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen male or female. Yummers!

    • Hi Ben

      You’re welcome. No. 1 is happy to spend the entire week with you and your husband. How about that for an anniversary present? 😀

  • Hmmm 💡 I wonder if these guys would like to come and help me move. They certainly look fit enough for it. :whistle:

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