We’re back in action!!

Aunt Lynn here. Just a very short note because it’s late and I’m exhausted, but it looks like we’re back up and running on the new host! I will probably expand upon this tomorrow, but look for us to be posting as normal beginning Monday, unless any of the reviewers gets their act together quickly and someone can get something up tomorrow.

Please let us know if you find any problems as you browse (we’re testing as well to make sure everything transferred, and it’s best if you email me instead of Wave (since she’ll just forward them to me anyway!) at freebooks [at] gaybook.reviews.

Thank you all again for your patience during this trying time, and we expect to have great uptime and quick page loads—and we’d better with what we’re paying them!


  • Hooray, good to have you back :-)

    Looks good so far, didn’t even have to retype my name/email to comment :-)

    Was a wee bit confused about the starting tomorrow or Monday, since tomorrow is Monday for me *snickers* sleep well

    • Majken
      I think Lynn wrote this post on Saturday night just before going to bed after a very strenuous day. Tomorrow is now today (Sunday) 😀

      We’re hoping that the worst is behind us.

      • She did, but for me it was Sunday morning so for a short while I went ‘huh?’ 😉

        I’m in Christians timezone :)

  • Awesome! I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms cos this is one of the sites I check daily. It’s nice that you’re back! 😀

  • Very good news indeed! Looking forward to new reviews and purchases. (Although I’m reading “Tigertown” for the second wonderful time so I’m good til Monday;)

    • Isn’t Tigertown the best?

      We’re also very happy to be back – thanks to Lynn and Christian. I just sat on a cushion watching the Friday Guys go by. 😎

  • Welcome back! :hurrah: Everything is spectacularly fast! Thank you Aunt Lynn and Christian for your techie magic! You guys rock! :bravo:

    And of course thank you Wave for all that you do. The internet was somehow lesser without your very distinctive voice.

    • Hi Teej

      Lynn did most of the heavy lifting last night as Christian was away from his computer (he did help). They deserve a medal for all their hard work.

      I didn’t do much – just sat around and this week was NOT a good time for us.

      I’m looking forward to a few movie reviews from you Tj, just saying. 😆

  • Well it’s Sunday morning, I am barely awake and bleary-eyed (I guess I was wired after the success of the move and didn’t get to bed until after 2). Anyway, a more thorough inspection of the site will happen this afternoon for me; I’ve found a very few things that are acting slightly strange, but overall it’s great — everything seems to be here and it’s fast, so I guess we’ll stay put for a while. :) Welcome back everyone!

  • So glad to know you’re back. :hurrah: (I have to admit I was showing signs of withdrawal.) Special thanks to Wave, Christian, Aunt Lynn and the rest of the Jessewave team for all their hard work. :bravo:

    • Lynn and Christian are the ones who deserve the priase and a rest. I was just stressed out. However the transfer seems to have gone well and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 😮

    • You have no idea Clare. It was like living a nightmare. However things are much better today – late last night we weren’t sure if this would ever happen. 😆

  • Thank you for all your work Wave, Aunt Lynn and Christian. :god:

    I have missed the site very much; the books I buy when let loose without guidance are just tedious. 😯

    • I didn’t do much Raine. Christian and Lynn did all the heavy lifting and now hopefully we’re back.

      I’m looking forward to all your reviews. 😀 😮

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