Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year Dad, J and I spent Thanksgiving with friends who served pot roast. In all fairness, it was an okay pot roast (by their own admission a little dry, but still tasty), but the company was hilarious. The mother and sister of one of the hosts were at each others throats most of the time—especially after the booze kept flowing—culminating in said mother calling said daughter “a giant bitch.”  We all laughed our asses off as it was (mostly) in good fun.  Said daughter insisted on bringing some kind of sugarless, gluten-free pumpkin pie thing to the disgust of pretty much everyone but my dad.  Daughter set her sights on mi padre because she can’t help herself, especially when drunk like a skunk, so there was tons of flirting.  Luckily I made real potatoes and an amazing apple pie.

This year I gave J options.  We could go out.  We could secure an invite to an event of several people we know.  I could cook for the three of us.  Not surprisingly, she chose the latter, so after an hour-and-a-half spin class at the Y beginning at 9, and for a small party of tres, I am making a traditional dinner…and we are doing a James Bond marathon.

See, we just purchased a whole new Samsung home theater system complete with 55” Smart HD television goodness and 3D/Blu-Ray/Surround Sound (all because J couldn’t see the small score/innings badge in the upper left of the screen on our perfectly fine 38″ during the Giants’ run at the World Series).  After watching Casino Royale the other night and getting our socks blown off both visually and acoustically, decided we need more Bond…James Bond.  Using a combo of Netflix and On Demand, next on the menu will be Quantum of Solace (’cause apparently we can’t get enough of Daniel Craig) and I think we’ll grab something or two with Sean Connery.  I’m taking suggestions—what’s your favorite Bond?


  • I still don’t understand why you didn’t go for the 3-D 60 inch television. 😀 Go big… then go BIGGER 😆

    Happy Thanksgiving Lynn. :biglove:

    PS I don’t have a favourite Bond movie – they are all my favourites. :)

    • Don’t even MENTION the friggin’ 60″ option! :) As soon as J saw the 55″ in place, she was all like “we should have gone up to 60! We can handle 60!” and we went back and forth for literally a week, went to store and compared and grumbled and it wasn’t worth the extra several hundred dollars plus a 10% restocking fee. 55 it stays.

  • Have a Happy Thanksgiving Lynn. This holiday seems like a really good idea to cheer up miserable November. Have fun.

    • Thanks Raine. Yes, I think each country should have a monthly holiday, even if they make one up. Good for morale and the economy…

  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Lynn, you and your family and everybody who celebrates. Bond? Daniel Craig for sure. See while I love action movies I never was humongous fan of older Bonds. My brother loves Sean Connery ones and can watch them again and again. I mean I could watch them but it was never my favorite movies especially to do a marathon. Daniel Craig though so yummy :). I saw Skyfall couple of weeks ago – loved.

    • You as well, Sirius.

      I admit that I eagerly saw all of the Roger Moore Bonds as a child of the 70s and loved them at the time (Moonraker anyone?), but looking back he seems so smarmy now. And I was never a fan of the new batch (Dalton, Brosnan). I like the early Connery, before they made Bond so slick and gadget-dependent. I think that’s why I really loved Casino Royale — rougher, vulnerable, bare-bones in a lot of ways. I heard not to expect too much from Quantum of Solace, but I understand SkyFall is fab, so while Dad is still here, I think we’ll actually go to the movies.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Lynn! Enjoy your day with family and your James Bond marathon. Daniel Craig is definitely my favorite. Loved Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace is pretty good, too. Now I just need to get out and see Skyfall.

  • I don’t care for any of the Bond movies. They just don’t click with me. They do have a special place in my heart however because they are the only things that my hubs and late father in law ever bonded over. They used to go to every one from the first Sean Connery on. Hubs and the children still carry on the tradition since the boys were ten and nine. Twenty five years later the boys leave their wives and go with their father and testosterone out big time! It warms the cockles of my heart ( whatever cockles are I’m pretty sure they’re warm). Nice weekend all.

    • Hi Deedles. Bond isn’t for everyone, certainly, that I understand. And it’s great that you have a positive association with it, even though you don’t watch.

  • I loved Timothy Dalton, but having seen Skyfall I’ve decided Daniel Craig is the best Bond. That may be a little unfair to the others because he has the best material – I think Skyfall is a much better Bond movie than most.

    Your home theatre set-up sounds fantastic! Enjoy.

    • The new system is pretty great so far, though the downside for me is that we’re watching more television, which we had stopped doing in favor of reading. But for movies, it’s the bomb.

      I am really eager to see Skyfall now with everything I’ve heard so far.

  • Favourite Bond? Daniel Craig 😀
    And I might have seen Skyfall 4 times already, so possibly that would be favourite movie 😉

    Have a great marathon, I think I’ll go reread the Cut & Run series instead, haven’t done that since the last book came out 😉

    • I guess Skyfall is gonna happen for sure now. Just got off the phone with the niece and nephew on the East Coast who saw it yesterday, and from everyone’s comments here, plus others who I know have seen it, all raving about it.

      And Cut & Run is just as exciting! Enjoy…

  • I’ll add a vote for The World is Not Enough. Pierce Brosnan is hot and Sophie Marceau is hotter. It’s got the best boat chase ever. And even the absurdity of Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist only adds to the campy Bond-ness.

    Die Another Day has the best song though of recent Bonds…

    Have fun!

  • All this Thanksgiving talk is making me want Turkey again (our Thanksgiving was over a month ago). Hope all of you down South are having a good one.

    Skyfall!!! Excellent movie. I was not subjected to endless girly bits, so that made it even better. Best Bond of all.

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