A Very Special Marriage – Rick R. Reed and Bruce Moynagh tie the knot

The Kiss

Rick’s and Bruce’s romance touched me on so many levels. Rick did a post almost 18 months ago on the site that I absolutely loved called Writing Love Stories/Living Love Stories in which he talked about how much he loved Bruce. I prayed that someday they would be able to legally wed and here’s the sequel to their romance, which is better than fiction:


So yesterday, my now-husband, Bruce and I made history, both personal and on a much bigger stage. We shared our history-making day with many, many other couples in our state, all couples who were coming together for one reason—to commit themselves to one another in love and marriage.

Legal Marriage.

Ready to exchange rings

See, Bruce and I wed on the first day marriage became legal in Washington state. This alone is significant, what’s even more significant is the fact that this was the first time in US history that same-sex couples were able to do this because the ability to marry had been voted in by a majority, a popular vote, thwarting those who proposed a referendum that existed for division, prejudice, and discrimination. Love does triumph.

But this little piece isn’t really about major societal changes or the tide turning toward what is now called “gay marriage,” and what I believe will one day simply be called “marriage.” No, it’s about waking up this morning and saying to Bruce, “I feel different today. Do you?”

And he agreed. Because our small wedding yesterday—and our entering into such a solemn and loving commitment—was a sea change in our lives. Even though we have been together for more than a decade and we have seen each other through good times and bad, sickness and health, and all the other assorted things we call life that committed couples endure and celebrate together, we could never call ourselves married. Not really, not without some modification, like “in our hearts” which is significant indeed, but it does not change the fact that, up until yesterday, saying we were married or calling each other husband seemed a bit like playacting.

Lily – very happy for her daddies

But now we are married—for real, witnessed by dear friends, and celebrated, thanks to the wonder of social media, far and wide. And things now feel more contented, more settled, more real. Of course, I love Bruce with all my heart and have always done so, but maybe, just a little, I feel more like we are a family since we took that emotional step yesterday when we slid rings on our fingers, said our “I wills” and kissed as our friend, an ordained minister, pronounced us married in front of our fireplace with our Boston terrier, Lily sitting at our feet, and our friends nearby, alternately weeping and smiling.

Our friend Bruce, an ordained UCC minister, was kind enough to marry us (to each other)

It was a big moment and one that will take a while to fully process. But for now, let’s just say I can look at the future with a bit more hope, my heart a bit more grounded, my hands joined with a man who I know will be my best friend, my partner, my lover, my everything, for the rest of my days.


In lieu of vows, I found a poem by Roy Croft called “Love” that I believe so perfectly summed up what I felt and am feeling that I wanted to share it with Bruce over any traditional wedding vows.

In closing, I would like to leave you with that poem, and my sincere hope that you may find or have someone in your life to be able to think of when you hear these words. Because, that my friend, is all that really matters.

Love by Roy Croft

I love you
Not only for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.
I love you,
Not only for what
You have made of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.
I love you
For the part of me
That you bring out;
I love you
For putting your hand
Into my heaped-up heart
And passing over
All the foolish, weak things
That you can’t help
Dimly seeing there,
And for drawing out
Into the light
All the beautiful belongings
That no one else had looked
Quite far enough to find
I love you because you
Are helping me to make
Of the lumber of my life
Not a tavern
But a temple.
Out of the works
Of my every day
Not a reproach
But a song.
I love you
Because you have done
More than any creed
Could have done
To make me good.
And more than any fate
Could have done
To make me happy.
You have done it
Without a touch,
Without a word,
Without a sign.
You have done it
By being yourself.

Want to see more pictures from our wedding? Go here:

And, just so you know, Bruce and I are planning a big celebration in late summer/early fall (when the weather in Seattle is actually gorgeous), so there’s an epilogue I’ll add to this story late in 2013.


Rick R. Reed Biography

My favourite Rick & Bruce photo

Rick R. Reed is all about exploring the romantic entanglements of gay men in contemporary, realistic settings. While his stories often contain elements of suspense, mystery and the paranormal, his focus ultimately returns to the power of love. He is the author of dozens of published novels, novellas, and short stories. He is a two-time EPIC eBook Award winner (for Orientation and The Blue Moon Cafe). Lambda Literary Review has called him, “a writer that doesn’t disappoint.” Rick lives in Seattle with his partner and a very spoiled Boston terrier. He is forever “at work on another novel.”

Visit Rick’s website at http://www.rickrreed.com
or follow his blog at http://rickrreedreality.blogspot.com/.
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3 years 1 month ago

I am so happy for you both. You’re the most adorable couple I know! xoxo

B.G. Thomas
3 years 1 month ago

So happy for you! This is SO amazing! I am in the hospital and this post made me so happy I feel like dancing (but I better not today). I look forward to the day I can marry Raymond. With what’s going up before the Supreme Court, maybe this time next year I will be able to! HUGS to you both! So thrilled for you! And yes, a piece of paper doesn’t make us more married to our men, but at the same time, I felt something in my heart about you being able to be just a little closer.… Read more »

3 years 1 month ago

Ben…thank you SO MUCH for the kind words. My hope for you is that you too can marry your partner sooner rather than later and that you’re OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, sooner, rather than later. Take care, my friend.

3 years 1 month ago

Best wishes to you and Bruce, Rick. Thank you for sharing yourself and the beautiful pictures. Just lovely!

3 years 1 month ago

Wishing you and your husband a lifetime of love, joy and laughter :flowers: Congratulations!

3 years 1 month ago

Congratulations, Rick & Bruce! Those are beautiful photographs. Your continuing story of commitment and happiness and that lovely poem brought tears to my eyes. I wish you the best and I’m looking forward to the next installment (not epilogue, certainly) of your lovely story.

3 years 2 months ago

Congrats. Isn’t the feeling of being married when you never thought that would be possible growing up an absolutely amazing feeling. Best wishes for many more years together.

3 years 2 months ago

Exactly, Jeffrey. When I came out some twenty-odd years ago, it never even occurred to me that marrying the person I loved would ever be possible.

3 years 1 month ago

After Fred and I got married, I also felt different but it wasn’t about him and I as much as I felt like I was a full part of society. Getting married was so emotional for us – we cried through most of the ceremony.

3 years 1 month ago

I blubbered throughout our whole ceremony too, especially when reciting the poem above.

3 years 2 months ago

Hope you have many happy years together!

3 years 2 months ago

Wonderful, Rick and Bruce! So glad your day went well
Congrats to you both

3 years 2 months ago

cogratulations and being a writer, I can’t help wanting to share a bit of romantic trivia. Your poem, with some variations, has been around a long time. At one time in the early 60s (I think) some soul group whose name I don’t recall recorded “Melody of Love” – in the course of which, one of them recited that poem, or at least parts of it. Later in the 60s it was much circulated with the title Desiderata, authorship anonymous. I’ve had more than one person present me with a copy and the information that they had written it. I… Read more »

3 years 2 months ago

I didn’t know that, Victor. I found the poem, like I found Bruce, online–and thought it (and he) were just perfect.

3 years 2 months ago

Once again congratulations and best wishes to Rick & Bruce! :bravo:

3 years 2 months ago

Congratulations on your marriage! It’s so wonderful that you and your husband finally have equality in Washington, and hopefully DOMA will fall in June. May you and Bruce always be blessed in your mutual husbandry: blessed in your work & companionship; blessed in your sleeping and waking; blessed in your sorrows & joys. May you and your husband continue to grow in love and peace every day during the long and happy years of your marriage. -Stu

3 years 2 months ago

Thank you for the lovely message, Stu. And thanks to everyone who has commented so far. Know that I read and treasure each and every comment! And Stu, I am with you on DOMA being put to rest in June–fingers crossed and praying!

Crissy M
3 years 2 months ago

Congratulations to you both!!!!

3 years 2 months ago

So many congratulations to you both!! :smile: :kiss: :kiss: :hug:

3 years 2 months ago

Congratulations, and as many said already thanks for sharing your special day with us.

3 years 2 months ago

Congratulations, gentlemen and thank you for inviting us along in your joy. Many happy returns of the day.

Mary G
3 years 2 months ago

Congrats Rick. Especially love the “it’s official” pic. Thanks for sharing the pics & the vow.

3 years 2 months ago

Thanks, Wave, for extending our little celebration onto your site today.

3 years 2 months ago

Lovely news, thank you for sharing such a special day. Congratulations to you both.

3 years 2 months ago

Congratulations to you both :hurray2:
Being loved is the only way to walk through the world! :sendoutlove:

3 years 2 months ago

CONGRATS!! :hurrah: :bravo: :hurray2: :jump: :happydance:

And thank you for sharing this special day with us

:hearts01: :hearts02: :love2: :loveyou2: :biglove: :sendoutlove:

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