Friday Guys December 14



guy no. 17

guy no. 16

guy no. 14

guy no. 12

guy no. 11

guy no. 9

guy no. 7

guy no. 6

guy no. 5

guy no. 4

guys no. 3

guy no. 2

guy no. 1

Instead of a brand new post I thought I would reprise one of my favourites. enjoy!

22 thoughts on “Friday Guys December 14

  1. SusieQ

    Oh the delicious couple in #3 please!! Yummyness… :god:
    You’ve outdone yourself, Wave!! Ya know what? Do another post…I want every single one of these guys!! (does that make me naughty?)

    1. Wave Post author

      You’re up pretty early today Susie. Maybe you need to be shopping for gifts instead of men. :)
      No.3 is on his way – handle with care.

  2. Majken

    Ummm, 2 or 6, hmmm, I’ll take number two today :D

    Since it’s cold and dark outside, maybe something with lovely guys and fireplaces? *Looks hopeful*

    1. Wave Post author

      Number 2 is an excellent choice Majken. Are you going to be lying on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace with a couple glasses of red and no. 2? That’s an excellent idea. :cool:

      1. Majken

        Well, maybe not the red, I hate wine, but the rest sounds like pure bliss, we have frost and a storm here, makes for some REALLY cold weather :(

    1. Wave Post author

      I see you’re into exercise early today Bryant and I think you chose well with number 4, as he’s just about ready to work out … with you. :cool:

  3. Tj

    Nothing wrong with a repeat Wave. Beautiful men never go out of style! And 2 furry ones this week. Thank you!! How about number 17 please? Mmm-mmm!

    1. Wave Post author

      I thought of you when I decided to reprise this post because I know how much you love furry men. :grin: You might be able to help no. 17 do some manscaping in hidden places. :lol: :blush:

  4. Jeffrey

    Wave, what a great bunch of guys. I have five tied for first place and all of them are still left. What to do??????

    The guys have me on fire so maybe I should pick #14 to put me out. I’m also still a bit sleepy and it looks like #12 also needs a nap. Or I’m sure a ride with #9 on his motorcycle would wake me up. Then again a nice walk with #6 could be the trick. But I guess I just take the naked guy in #1 and uphold my reputation. :grin:

    (I was going to ask for all of these guys but after winning the kindle, that would be way too greedy. Though I just realized that “Want to come over and see my kindle” would be an interesting pickup line. :hysterics: )

    1. Wave Post author

      What am I going to do with you? :) It’s amazing how quickly you went through your selections with an eagle eye – you’re obviously an expert. Your eventual choice is consistent with most of those you have made in the recent past and I’m sure no. 1 would love to put himself in your hands. :censorship:

      As for the Fire pickup line, that reminds me of guys who used to ask me to come over to see their etchings. :blush: You can do a lot better.

  5. B.G. Thomas

    Damn! Just got home from hospital last night and was on way too many drugs this morning and just opened this to find the guy I really like is gone! #17! poo!

    And you just gave away #1…

    Well hurray! 11 is still “singal!” I figured with all those tats, he would have done right away. #11 would be nice. Of course I am in a lot of pain this morning… Think he can nurse me to health?

    1. Wave Post author

      Hi Ben
      Since you’re home I guess you’re feeling better.

      I’m very sorry your first choices are gone but no. 11 said he’s bringing his nurse’s kit with him for the weekend at your house. :)

      1. B.G. Thomas

        Dear sweet Wave…

        Feeling better? Not sure! *G* I have a new knee. The thing I am happy about is that tihs pain will pass. The three year pain I was in never went away.

        So having #11 come over in his scrubs? That will “lift” my spirits quite a bit!


  6. Teresa

    If #5 is still around I’ll help entertain him this weekend. I could use a friendly face in my corner of the world right now. Love the selection today, Wave. :smile:

    1. Wave Post author

      Hey Teresa
      You lucked out – no. 5 is still available and he’ll be happy to entertain you. Check out his tape.:)

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