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What It Means to be a Young Gay American in this Election


One of the reasons I asked Cody Hecht to be a guest columnist on this site is that I wanted the voice of  a young adult gay person to open our minds to some of the issues affecting GBLTQ youth. As you know, this site is not really political although I express my own views about same sex marriage (pro) whenever an opportunbity arises :) However Cody has written the following post expressing how he feels about the upcoming election in the US, which is definitely political, and that is his right. He has always impressed me as someone who is not afraid to speak his mind. Here’s his opinion piece:


              This election is of extreme importance for the future of gay rights in this country.  We have two vastly different candidates, one who supports us and one who loathes us. The very future of gay civil right hangs on this election, and that’s why I will be supporting Barack Obama. In this article I hope to convince you that you should too.

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“Why Glee isn’t as Good for LGBT Youth as Most People Think” … Cody Hecht


There are two things I believe a television show can do to be good for gay youth. Glee succeeds in one and fails miserably in the other. These two things are: being able to show kids that it’s ok to be gay, the other (which is often overlooked) is showing all kids that you don’t have to be a stereotype to be gay. Gay people come in all shapes and sizes. I think most people can guess which one Glee succeeds at, and where it fails.

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Coming Out to Your Parents …… by Cody Hecht


Cody Hecht, who you met yesterday, is our newest guest contributor. I invited Cody to give us his perspective as a young adult, and he brings a fresh point of view to the issues that affect gay youth, a huge part of our community and population. This is a new direction for this site because Cody is much younger than the other contributors and his outlook will be quite different as he will be talking from his own experience as a gay young adult directly to his peers. Adults can learn a lot from Cody who seems to be wise beyond his years. I’m hoping that teens and young adults will also read his posts since this site is not restricted.

Here’s Cody’s first post:



Hello, my name is Cody Hecht and I’m eighteen. I was asked to write a series of posts from the perspective of a gay young adult. In this first installment, I am addressing the most difficult issue that gay teens must deal with, at least in my opinion. That is, coming out to their sometimes unsupportive parents. Through my spearheading of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at my local high school I have talked with many gay and lesbian teens who have come out to their parents, all with vastly different stories. From heartwarming acceptance and love, to soul crushing hate and ignorance.  It is my goal in this article to help teens who are coming out to their parents deal with whatever may come their way.

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