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I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports - especially baseball

Eli’s Promise (The Bar Next Door, book 2)


ElisPromise72lgTitle and Link: Eli’s Promise
Author: Lissa Matthews
Cover Artist: Kendra Egert
Publisher URL: Samhain Publishing
Amazon Buy Link
Publisher Buy Link
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Short Novella
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Review Summary:  I did not find this book to be an interesting read because there was not enough character development and the dialogue was flat.

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A few Fun Posts Before I Go – a Retrospective


Tj reminded me a couple days ago about all the fun we used to have on Fridays because, in addition to theJust_Beautiful Friday Guys, I would post what he called my Friday rants about anything and everything  to do with the world of gay men, be it their sexual proclivities or something related to M/M books. My favourite targets were the lack of editing and too much sex in these books, but that’s another post. :)

Apparently I had a fixation about gay sex because I wrote a lot of posts poking fun at just about anything to do with it, so I thought I would leave you with links to a few of these afternoon delights so you can read them when you’re down or suffering from S.A.D. this winter, starting with this one written jointly with my friend, author Patric Michael who, sadly, passed away almost 18 months ago. It’s called Is a Prostate Worth Finding?


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Going Dark


At 12.01 AM EST January 2, 2014 reviewsbyjessewave will close in its current form and reopen 2 or 3 weeks Backlater as an archive site. I could use clichéd terms like “gone fishing” or “the end of the road”, but I will spare you that. :)

Things change, and that’s a good thing. Millions of you have made countless changes in your lives due to personal circumstances, and tomorrow morning I’m shutting down something that has been in my life for almost 6 years. Many of you emailed me to say how much you will miss us and I appreciate your kind words, but there are other blogs that currently review M/M books so you will still be able to check them out before you buy. In the meantime, while he is setting up the  archive site, Christian will provide access to the last week of reviews and posts through a stripped-down version of the site during the transition; you will be able to read these posts, but you won’t be able to comment.

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Review Sites


Hi Guys

You were asking about other review sites that review M/M books. I don’t know how many there are as I don’t have the time to visit them but there are some that review GBLTQ books and others that review mainly het with a few M/M thrown in. Here are the names of the ones that I know and I’ll leave the post open so that you readers can add your recs. in the comments. Good luck. :)

Dear Author (reviews mostly het but does some M/M)
Mrs.Condit Reads Books
Joyfully Jay
Elisa Rolle
Literary Nymphs
Stumbling Over Chaos

The Only One Who Matters


the only one who mattersTitle and Link: The Only One Who Matters
Author: L.A. Witt and Cat Grant
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Publisher URL: Samhain Publishing
Amazon Buy Link The Only One Who Matters
Publisher Buy Link
Genre: Contemporary M/M, military
Length: Novel
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5, DIK

five star + DIK read 2

Review Summary: This book is even better than The Only One Who Knows as the intensity is greater and the MCs let their emotions dictate their actions.

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My Top Books of 2013 and Recommended Reads


For the last 5 years I have been publishing my Top Ten Books and Recommended Reads and I can’t believeAA4 this 6th year will be the last one. Sometimes you like my choices and at others you wonder what I have been smoking, and I’m sure this year will be no different :lol:  My taste is definitely not for everyone, which is the way it should be on a review site, and the reason for our success is that the tastes of the guest reviewers’ are completely different (except for Raine and Sirius who I think are twins or have the same head on different bodies, I swear) :) so there’s something for everyone.

I hope my recommendations will help a few of you in some small way in selecting books that you might have missed this year. As you know, I can only recommend on this list those books that I have actually reviewed, but I have many favourites that are not here. Some of the books released by Josh Lanyon this year that were reviewed by Tj come to mind, as well as the two books released by K.J. Charles that LenaLena reviewed, and many others. You will notice that there are a few ties on the list because I reviewed so many excellent books that I had a very difficult task, starting with No. 1, and even the rankings of the rest of the books are interchangeable. So let’s get to the main course: Here are my top books of 2013 and Recommended Reads.

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Coming Up This Week December 29


bestfriendsThis will be a very short post because I only have 4 days to cover. A lot is happening this week but most important is the site closure.

Yesterday Aunt Lynn posted the Guest Reviewers Top Books in 2013. If you haven’t seen it here’s a link

Today Tam wrote a post about Changes which is very interesting considering what she has already done and will be doing later this year. Do check it out.

Tomorrow, December 30,  Tj will tell you all about what happened in  the GBLTQ world over the past year. His article is called A Final Word on GBLTQ News., It’s great (and funny too) as only Tj can write funny. :)

Also tomorrow I will be posting my Top Books in 2013 and Recommended Reads

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Things Change ….. by Tam



Wave asked me to do a post about some changes coming up in my life, and I realized this is a crazy time in both in my life, and the m/m world I suppose. This month Jenre and I closed our blog Brief Encounters Reviews, Wave is closing this site, there are constant evolving changes in the m/m world (as there should be), and also in my personal life. This year my daughter has left home to attend university in Vancouver, and just before Christmas it was confirmed that I will be taking a position overseas next summer.

Yes, I miss the short story reviews we did at BER. I will miss Wave’s blog as it was one of the first that I found in the genre, and the first I started blogging at. I miss my daughter, although thanks to social media we usually talk several times a day, and I will miss Canada when I move. But times change, people change, needs change. There will be new blogs and communities that fill our place on the web and it’s been fun.

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Readers’ Favourite M/M Books in 2013


shower2Last year I gave readers the opportunity to recommend their top books for the year, and you’ll be able to do so once more in 2013. Selfishly, one of the reasons I did this is because I read a lot (except this year) as do most of you, and your suggestions of great M/M books you have read during the past 12 months help me and other readers choose which other books to read that we might have missed. I can’t wait to build up my TBR even higher in 2014 now that I’ll have some free time at last. :)

You have seen the guest reviewers’ top books for 2013. Which books moved YOU this past year? What did we miss that you’re dying to recommend – and this includes you Sirius, as well as the bane of my reading life, LenaLena). :lol:


Author Profile – H.L.Holston and Eleanor Bruce


Beneaththe13thmoon510w-220x330This is officially the last author profile on the site. I wanted to close off this series with an author whose stories were very different from those of the other M//M writers who have graced these pages before, and the writing partnership of H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce fit the bill because I’ve been chuckling ever since I read  The Moon’s Dirty Light. They figured out what works for their fans and they continue to delight them, but who knew these authors were such avid fans of The Boss?

Here, in their own words, are the biggest stalkers fans of The Boss aka Bruce Springsteen – H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce.

This is definitely a different kind of author profile. :)


When Wave asked us to do a post, we had no idea what we should write about. Funny that, since Eleanor works as a technical writer and I teach writing/reading for a living. However, in the end we decided to talk about what brought us together as a writing team.

About ten years ago, we were first introduced by a mutual friend in slash fandom and while both of us havebruce2 always loved the hot man on man action, it was our mutual love of Bruce Springsteen that really solidified our friendship.

Or to be more specific Bruce Springsteen’s ass. That picture is circa 1975 on the Born to Run tour.

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Sense of Place (Thomas Elkin Book 3)


sense of placeTitle and Link: Sense of Place
Author: N.R. Walker
Cover Artist: N/A
Publisher URL: Totally Bound
Amazon Buy Link: Not Yet Available
Publisher Buy Link
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: novella
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5, DIK

five star + DIK read 2

Review Summary:  I thought Book 2 could not be topped but N.R. Walker saved the best for last – and this is the last book in the series. Great characterizations, a complicated plot, scintillating dialogue, and most of all, a romance in the best sense of the word

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Coming Up This Week December 22nd


Marlon-Teixeira-5This is almost a wrap-up post for the end of the year (there will be one more before we sign off) :) and I thought I would start off by linking this article by Cooper Smith Koch on the Gay List Daily’s Favorite You Tube Moments of 2013. Gaycrow sent me a link to one highlight that this post missed, that of Billy’s and Pat’s wedding. Here’s what she said “Billy and Pat are a gay couple who’ve blogged for the past year, leading up to their wedding. They’re gorgeous! EVERYONE should watch their wedding video. :hearts01: (And, if you have spare time during the holidays, go back and watch all of their videos. They really are awesome.)”

Last week I profiled author K.Z. Snow and here is a link if you haven’t seen it.

Coming up on the site this week is a post by Sammy on Christmas Eve, December 24. I have no details – all I know is that it’s about a fun night before Christmas. Knowing Sammy it’s sure to be funny.

This week I’ll be posting a profile on the writing partnership of  H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce. this will be my final profile and it’s a fun one.

Next week Tj is doing his final GBLTQ round up and it’s awesome. You shouldn’t miss it.

Next week we’re also rolling out our Top Picks for the Year and I’ll also give you an opportunity to list your Top Books of 2013 in a separate post.

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The Only One Who Knows


OnlyOneWhoKnows-The72lgTitle and Link: The Only One Who Knows
Author: L.A. Witt and Cat Grant
Cover Artist: Angela Waters
Publisher URL: Samhain Publishing
Amazon Buy Link: The Only One Who Knows
Publisher Buy Link
Genre: Contemporary M/M, Military
Length: Novel
Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Review Summary: An intense, emotional love affair in the military that almost destroyed the careers of two Navy SEALs.

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Author Profile – K.Z. Snow


K.Z. Snow is probably the most loyal follower of this site as she and I hooked up (no, you pervs, not in that HoleGodsPocketLGway) :lol: when I opened my blog almost 6 years ago. To say that the blog was obscure would be an understatement, and she tried to cheer me up by saying shit like “If you build it, they will come” :) or words to that effect.She was so insistent I almost believed her … but it turns out she was right.

K.Z writes books that are outside the norm of M/M which means that her stories will stand the test of time because they aren’t fluff – they entice the readers into her worlds and make us wonder at her imagination. Her stories have actual plots (imagine that!), her characters are nuanced and three dimensional, and her writing is difficult to categorize which is the best thing I can say about an author. You never get the same old tropes written in the same way from her; if it’s a well-known trope she gives it a totally different twist. She’s brilliant and I hope that those readers who haven’t discovered her genius and don’t yet see what I see in her writing will give it a second and even third look, because it’s definitely not the same old same old.

As a parting gift to M/M readers I wanted  to do this profile so that those of you who are unaware of this author’s books will have a wonderful treasure trove of new stories to plunder. :)

Here, in her own words, is K.Z. Snow


visible friend lgeMany bittersweet thanks to Wave for inviting me here. I know this is a helluva month for her. But Wave and I go back a ways, so she’s nice to me.  :grin: (Actually, she’s nice to me because she’s an incredibly loyal and giving lady.)

Many of you are probably asking yourselves, Who the hell is this person? I don’t blame you. I’ve never been The Next Big Thing and I’m not insanely-prolific. But I’ve been published in the genre for quite a few years, primarily through Loose Id, Dreamspinner Press, and Liquid Silver Books. Most recently, I was a contributor (what an honor!) to Josh Lanyon’s excellent guide, Man, Oh Man: Writing Quality M/M Fiction

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