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A few Fun Posts Before I Go – a Retrospective


Tj reminded me a couple days ago about all the fun we used to have on Fridays because, in addition to theJust_Beautiful Friday Guys, I would post what he called my Friday rants about anything and everything  to do with the world of gay men, be it their sexual proclivities or something related to M/M books. My favourite targets were the lack of editing and too much sex in these books, but that’s another post. :)

Apparently I had a fixation about gay sex because I wrote a lot of posts poking fun at just about anything to do with it, so I thought I would leave you with links to a few of these afternoon delights so you can read them when you’re down or suffering from S.A.D. this winter, starting with this one written jointly with my friend, author Patric Michael who, sadly, passed away almost 18 months ago. It’s called Is a Prostate Worth Finding?


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Happy Christmas (and thank goodness it’s just about over)


muggsXmasHat13_DSCN2280So, I forgot it was Christmas. Well, not completely, but yeah, this year it’s not my main focus. I’m a recovering Catholic who does generally celebrate the holiday, but my partner got a new, shiny titanium knee, nicknamed Ti-Knee of course, for the holidays and I have been spending a good portion of my time not at home, but first at the hospital last week, and now rehab. Yeah, while I was doling out books and updating posts and switching the format and dealing with the elves, I was mostly sitting in one uncomfortable chair after another with my laptop or tablet staged on the wheelie table/tray in a place with constant beeping, moaning people, interrupting staff, bad food and…wait for it…television with commercials.  I know, the horror!  :)

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Christmas Eve or the Night I Oughted My Two Best Gay Friends, accidentally, of course!






Merry Christmas everyone!!! Here at Chez Goode we have a tradition of attending midnight mass at Saint Andrews with my two besties, Rick and Freddy!! Well, we had a tradition…till last year…when I may have inadvertently let a certain cat…a certain gay cat out of the bag…to the new parish priest…ahem….

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Polar Bears – some of my favourite animals


As most of you know, I’m a huge dog lover but I’m in love with polar bears.  I’m enclosing a few pictures of polar bears to relieve all the Christmas shopping stress, but also to get you to have a new love for our northern neighbours who may be extinct in the next century. I will be visiting them this July and I’ll say hello for you. :grin:



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Favourite M/M Author of 2013 – Closing of Nominations


BeachboyThe nominations for Favourite M/M Author of 2013 close at midnight Wednesday, December 11 EST (that’s tomorrow). If you want your favourite to have a chance at the big prize you must nominate him or her.

Please submit your nominations here.

Voting for the top 5 nominees starts Friday December 13 and ends Friday December 20. The winner will be announced Sunday December 22nd.

Hurry if you don’t want your favourite author to be left out :grin:

Happy Birthday Christian!!!


christian - Luke-GuldanHappy birthday Christian from all your friends here.

We wanted to celebrate this special day with you but you’re not here … you’re still in Vegas ….. so we got together to make you a special birthday present. Because you like Luke so much we thought you would appreciate a vimeo of just him which you can take with you wherever you go when the site closes. :lol:

I baked a special cake for you  – hope you like it. It took a lot of time and effort to come up with something this perfect and I didn’t even have to use any butter or flour or sugar because I really don’t know how to bake. :grin: BTW this is the same cake as last time. :lol:

We would have liked to cut the cake for you but I think you should do the honours yourself. Send me the candle – the big bdayHunkOnCakeSilverone in the middle – as a souvenir.

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Favourite M/M Author of 2013


AA2011 was the first year we had a competition on the site for Favourite M/M Author. To no one’s great surprise Josh Lanyon was crowned the winner by a landslide and he received his blue ribbon.

In 2012 Abigail Roux walked away with the honours (an author can’t be nominated again so Josh wasn’t eligible, although his fans stubbornly still entered his name in the competition). :grin:

Nominations are now open for 2013 and there are no rules except that the author must write male/male romance. It doesn’t matter how long your nominees have been writing in the genre or if they occasionally write in other genres, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the winner will be someone who writes M/M exclusively or at least whose major output is in M/M. Neither Josh nor Abi is eligible so please don’t waste your vote. :eek:

So who will be crowned this year’s winner?  You, the readers will decide because only readers can vote.

Please leave your nominations in the comments to this post and we will keep the contest open for 10 days. The top 5 nominees in terms of  votes from readers will move on to the voting where you will elect a new champion.

Nominations are now open and will close at midnight EST on Wednesday, December 11, 2013. You can only nominate one author unless your nominee is part of a writing team. If you nominate more than one author we will choose the first name on your list as your nominee. Good luck to all the nominees.

 It is 1.00 A.M. EST on Thursday December 12. Comments are now closed.

GRL 2013 Recap – A Newbie Perspective


When Wave first asked me if I wanted to write a post about GayRomLit, I was a bit skeptical—mainly because I spent most of the week in a fangirl state of shock and awe. I’m lucky I even remember the happenings at all, as I was wandering around in my little bubble of amazement and OMFG. But I really enjoyed my first GRL so, what the hell. I apologize in advance for the rather narrative nature of this post, but it’s the best way I can describe the week.

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Uplifting Story Part Deux: new Steve Grand video


And now for something light and fun — a new Steve Grand video! If you’ll remember, the out country music talent’s first video, All American Boy, was well-received and went viral quickly.

Tj, who let me know that Stay was up on YouTube, says “It’s a catchy song with beautiful, buff, shirtless guys kissing. MMM-MMM. Enjoy!”

You can support Steve buy purchasing the song:

Happy Labor (or Labour) Day!


Flag-Pins-Canada-USAToday is a holiday in the US and Canada — Labor/Labour Day is upon us once again as the kiddies head back to school, the days get shorter and somewhat cooler, and people are trying to milk that last long holiday weekend before fall comes in.

Me, I’m taking in a pilates class at the Y, then  heading on out to the Labor Day version of Fire Patrol.

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Uplifting Story: Steve Grand – Gay Country Music Star?


Tj sent me this post by Ed Kennedy which he wrote for The Backlot a few days ago. When I heard steve grandSteve Grand’s  song, All American Boy I thought you would enjoy it too. Here’s Ed’s article:

“Steve Grand is out to be a country music star, and an out one at that. He’s got the whole package – great voice, musically talented, incredibly hot, and fearless, as you can see in his video for “All American Boy” which he created out of pocket, as he doesn’t have a label yet. He’s ready to be upfront and honest from the start of his career, ““time to be brave. the world does not see change until it sees honesty. I am taking a risk here in many ways, but really there is no choice but to be brave. To not tell this story is to let my soul die. It is all I believe in. It is all I hold dear. We have all longed for someone we can never have… we all have felt that ache for our #allamericanboy.”

The video is a story of a gay boy and a straight boy with their wires crossed, along with straight boy’s girlfriend, who sees what’s happening. Honestly, if I hadn’t gotten over a crush, this could be my life right now.”

Doesn’t this sound like an M/M Gay for You romance? Except in this story the gay boy doesn’t get the straight boy. :sad: :eek:

Here’s what Steve says on his Facebook page:

” I gave everything for this. If my story makes even a couple people feel less alone in their aching, all the blood, sweat, tears, and soul I put into this project makes it worth it. Thanks for watching.”

Here’s the video. I can’t get this song out of my head. If you want to help Steve continue with his music here’s a link to buy his song. You can pay as much as you want.


Happy Fourth of July!


imagesYeah, yeah, happy fourth—wave your sparklers—whee!!     NOT!

Forgive me if I seem less than patriotic! Sorry—I’m in a bit of a grumpy mood. You see, I was supposed to be spending the Fourth of July in Pittsburgh. I was supposed to be visiting my dear friends, Rick and Freddie and watching remarkably fit gay men in Speedos lounging around the pool. By this time, I most assuredly would have had some type of refreshment in one hand and a camera in the other. (uhm…gay men…Speedos…camera…please, need I say more?)

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Happy Canada Day


3500 Canadians don red and white t-shirts and create a living flag outside the Winnipeg Legislature

3500 Canadians don red and white t-shirts and create a living flag outside the Winnipeg Legislature

Let’s raise the flag to celebrate Canada’s birthday and have a gay old time this year in honour of how far our country has come in terms of diversity.

Usually in this post I talk about how old Canada is and how our soldiers are serving Queen and country with honour (yes we do have a different kind of queen as the head of state, not like the queens I saw yesterday.) :) It’s the patriotic thing to do. However yesterday as I watched the Pride parade which is in its 33rd year in Toronto, I realized how lucky we are to live in this country.

Canada_flag_halifax_9_-04The Pride parade was a slice of our lives because every race, religious and non-religious group, and every colour of the rainbow was represented in the parade. 1st Nations Canadians were out waving the rainbow flag as well as gay members of the Catholic (I hope the Pope doesn’t excommunicate them) :), Anglican, Jewish and every other religion and those with no religious affiliation. PFLAG, school boards and groups across the entire social and political spectrum marched side by side. People from countries as far away as Africa were marching next to local policemen who were holding hands with their same sex partners, as well as our Premier who was marching proudly as the only openly gay Premier in this country

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