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Going Dark


At 12.01 AM EST January 2, 2014 reviewsbyjessewave will close in its current form and reopen 2 or 3 weeks Backlater as an archive site. I could use clichéd terms like “gone fishing” or “the end of the road”, but I will spare you that. :)

Things change, and that’s a good thing. Millions of you have made countless changes in your lives due to personal circumstances, and tomorrow morning I’m shutting down something that has been in my life for almost 6 years. Many of you emailed me to say how much you will miss us and I appreciate your kind words, but there are other blogs that currently review M/M books so you will still be able to check them out before you buy. In the meantime, while he is setting up the  archive site, Christian will provide access to the last week of reviews and posts through a stripped-down version of the site during the transition; you will be able to read these posts, but you won’t be able to comment.

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A Final Word on LGBTQ News


A Guest Post by Tj

To quote singer Rob Thomas:

Our lives are made in these small hours. These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate. Time falls away but these small hours, These little wonders still remain.”* 

Can you believe that 8,760 hours just flew by?! That’s 365 days by the way, which are a lot of hours come and gone and what do we have to show for it?

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Coming Up This Week December 29


bestfriendsThis will be a very short post because I only have 4 days to cover. A lot is happening this week but most important is the site closure.

Yesterday Aunt Lynn posted the Guest Reviewers Top Books in 2013. If you haven’t seen it here’s a link

Today Tam wrote a post about Changes which is very interesting considering what she has already done and will be doing later this year. Do check it out.

Tomorrow, December 30,  Tj will tell you all about what happened in  the GBLTQ world over the past year. His article is called A Final Word on GBLTQ News., It’s great (and funny too) as only Tj can write funny. :)

Also tomorrow I will be posting my Top Books in 2013 and Recommended Reads

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Coming Up This Week December 22nd


Marlon-Teixeira-5This is almost a wrap-up post for the end of the year (there will be one more before we sign off) :) and I thought I would start off by linking this article by Cooper Smith Koch on the Gay List Daily’s Favorite You Tube Moments of 2013. Gaycrow sent me a link to one highlight that this post missed, that of Billy’s and Pat’s wedding. Here’s what she said “Billy and Pat are a gay couple who’ve blogged for the past year, leading up to their wedding. They’re gorgeous! EVERYONE should watch their wedding video. :hearts01: (And, if you have spare time during the holidays, go back and watch all of their videos. They really are awesome.)”

Last week I profiled author K.Z. Snow and here is a link if you haven’t seen it.

Coming up on the site this week is a post by Sammy on Christmas Eve, December 24. I have no details – all I know is that it’s about a fun night before Christmas. Knowing Sammy it’s sure to be funny.

This week I’ll be posting a profile on the writing partnership of  H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce. this will be my final profile and it’s a fun one.

Next week Tj is doing his final GBLTQ round up and it’s awesome. You shouldn’t miss it.

Next week we’re also rolling out our Top Picks for the Year and I’ll also give you an opportunity to list your Top Books of 2013 in a separate post.

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Eric Arvin Support Fund


Hi Guys

I was advised today that author Eric Arvin, who recently became engaged to T.J. Klune, another M/M author,

eric arvin and t.j. klune

eric arvin and t.j. klune

is in hospital battling a serious illness. His fans and friends are rallying to help him and TJ with donations to defray the medical expenses and the costs to keep Tj and family and friends nearby.

If you would like to support Eric and TJ by donating to this worthy cause any funds should be directed to . Here’s a link. Any excess funds will be going directly to Eric and Tj for use in Eric’s recovery.

I know that many of you who visit this site are either friends or fans of these two authors and I would urge you to donate to this worthy cause, as it looks like Eric’s recovery will be a lengthy one. Here’s the link once again.


Coming Up This Week December 15


Tanned-Hunk-Daniel-Garofali-2The fun just started with the 12 days of giveaways and it’s going swell. I would like to thank all 61 authors who donated over 300 books, in some cases entire series and multiples. You guys really rock and step up to the plate when your readers need you.

Last week I interviewed author Josh Lanyon for the last time and it was bittersweet. If you haven’t seen this interview here’s a link.

I also posted a profile on new M/M author River Jaymes from whom I am expecting great things –  here’s a her profile if you haven’t seen it.

This week I’ll be posting a profile on author K.Z. Snow, a brilliant writer with a wicked sense of humour. Many of you have yet to discover her books but hopefully, that will be remedied soon. Check out the post on Friday, December 20.

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Blind Eye Books Holiday Sale


IrregularsBlind Eye Books sent me the enclosed press release and I thought that all of you readers who love quality print books would be interested in this sale, so get out those credit cards. Happy Shopping!  :hurrah: :hurrah: :bravo: :bravo:

Happy Holidays! :grin:

The Bellingham Blind Eye Books warehouse is getting pretty crowded. In order to make room for our 2014 releases we are having an end-of-the-year sale! Select print titles are only $7.00 (plus shipping). That’s right, you can now own print copies of Blind Eye Books backlist titles for less than the cost of an ebook. Stock is limited to what is available in our Bellingham warehouse so get them while they’re hot! Sale ends on December 31, 2013, or when we run out of stock, whichever comes first.

Here’s what’s on sale:

Tangle, Nicole Kimberling, editor
Tangle Girls, Nicole Kimberling, editor
Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale
Strange Fortune by Josh Lanyon
Lord of the White Hell Book One by Ginn Hale
Lord of the White Hell Book Two by Ginn Hale
Turnskin by Nicole Kimberling
Irregulars by Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Astrid Amara and Ginn Hale

Coming Up This Week December 8


Everything-Is-Going-Cowboy-1First, thanks to everyone who emailed me or commented on my post announcing the closure of the site. I appreciate all of your comments and I was especially surprised at the number of emails from authors, even those whose books I reviewed which I felt needed a bit of work. :shock: If I haven’t responded to your email it’s because my in-box is so jammed I’m having a difficult time finding it but please know that I appreciate each and every one of you who felt that the site was of value to you, over and above being a review site. Many of you said that we offered something special because we focused on more than book reviews, although that was our primary purpose, and I would like to thank you for appreciating all the work that went into making reviewsbyjessewave special. As I mentioned in the post, we will update you as soon as we have news about a new host and the status of the site after January 1.

Coming up this week: Tuesday, December 10 is Christian’s birthday so I thought I would give him a present to make his day memorable. He probably is having a lot of memorable days as he’s still in Vegas. I hope you will drop by to wish him a very happy birthday on Tuesday. :)

On Wednesday, December 11.I will be posting a Profile of new M/M author River Jaymes. I think you will like it and her and most important, you will love her books. Watch for her profile and please ask as many questions as you would like as she loves to hear from readers.

My last interview with author Josh Lanyon will be posted on Thursday, December 12. Please drop by to hear what he has to say. Also, he’s always interesting to talk to and he loves to hear from his fans

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Coming Up this Week December 1


Tanned-Hunk-Daniel-Garofali-1Christian is getting ahead of himself. He already has the Santa hats on the green men. I have no idea what he’s been drinking. :grin: The guys in the Hot Tub have been misbehaving because they heard that we’re closing and they said they want a piece of the action. I think they were in Vegas with Christian and had a few body shots. :lol:

Now on to the business of the week…. we have a site to run kiddies.

Reviews Posted on the Weekend – Stealing the Wind by Shira Anthony reviewed by Sammy; The Left Hand Path by Jeff Erno reviewed by Orion; Of Dreams and Ceremonies by Julie Bozza reviewed by Feliz; Beautiful Dreamer by Sarn Singer reviewed by Lloyd Meeker; A Small Miracle Happened by Mari Donne reviewed by Sirius; and Chasing the Sun by Jacob Z. Flores reviewed by Sammy. If you haven’t seen these reviews as yet now is the time to do so.

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Goodbye and thank you for a great ride


AA4It’s been an incredible ride for almost six years, and for the most part I have really enjoyed it, so it is with great regret and mixed emotions that I announce the closing of Reviewsbyjessewave effective January 2, 2014.

Please note that you won’t be cut off entirely from the site as we will try to keep it open for awhile, but after January 1 there will be no new content. You will still be able to access past reviews or posts, but you won’t be able to comment. This, I think, is a reasonable compromise instead of shutting down altogether.

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Coming Up This Week November 24


Smooth-Jock-JC-Christensen-By-Sean-Gomez-3It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We had our first snowfall in Toronto yesterday with winds at 60 K/hour and all the stores were playing inappropriate Christmas songs (because it’s not even the end of November). It seems like everyone is conspiring to get your money. But here’s something that’s free for readers of M/M books – the annual Author Book Giveaway which will start on December 13. It’s Aunt Lynn’s version of the Twelve Days of Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever holiday you celebrate, which brings me to this :

Calling All M/M Authors: Our annual party on the site, euphemistically called the Big-Ass Holiday Author Giveaway™ (BAHAG) has just started and we’re asking all M/M authors for book donations so that their fans can have a special holiday treat. Authors you can sign up here. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR PUBLIC EMAIL ADDRESS. I don’t think I need to tell you how much Aunt Lynn and I AND the other readers appreciate your generosity

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Coming Up This Week November 17


Everything-Is-Going-Cowboy-1Hi everyone. I hope everything is great in your world.

Rick R. Reed’s article The Gay Man Who Loves Women will be on the site on Tuesday, November 19. Be sure to check it out.

Calling all authors: on Friday, November 22nd Aunt Lynn is getting into high gear for the annual BAHAG (Big Ass Holiday Author Giveaway) with a post asking for donations. I hope that as in previous years you will give generously to the readers who access this site. We all appreciate everything you offer and would like to thank you in advance.

Last Friday my interview with author Brandon Shire was posted. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a link. This is one interview you shouldn’t miss if you’re an advocate for LGBTQ youth.

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Thank you for your service


Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. In other countries November 11  is celebrated as Veteran’s Day or Armistice Day and is acknowledged each year as we remember the soldiers who have fallen, paying the ultimate price defending their countries and allies in various wars.

Last year I posted this video that I saw on the Moments Channel because it moved me so much. I thought I would share it with you again as a picture is worth a thousand words and sends the message more eloquently than I ever could:

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Coming Up This Week November 10


Everything-Is-Going-Cowboy-7G’day. It’s almost winter but it’s sunny here on the site.

On Friday, November 15  my interview with the reclusive Brandon Shire will be live. I hope you’ll stop by to read what he has to say.

Also today, watch for the post about my upcoming interview with Josh Lanyon next month. I’ll be asking you for questions that you would like Josh to answer. :grin:

If you haven’t seen my post on Series Books I have linked it for you.

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Coming Up This Week November 3


Everything-Is-Going-Cowboy-1Halloween is over and all the costumes have been put away until next year. :sad: It was fun while it lasted and I hope everyone had a great time scaring strangers. The Halloween smileys are still playing on the site but they will all be gone probably by the end of the week. Thanks to Christian for bringing them back.

If you haven’t seen Sammy’s Halloween post My First Gay Halloween Party or the Night I spent in the Closet you should check it out because it’s one of her funniest. Also last week J.K. Hogan gave us her take as a newbie on GRL 2013 . Here’s the link to her post.

Next Friday, November 15 is my interview with Brandon Shire. Be sure to check it out as he talks about almost everything related to books and his charities. Brandon’s newest book Heart of Timber, the sequel to Cold  will be released November 15.

Coming up in December: Every year I interview Josh Lanyon in December and we talk about his upcoming projects and generally his take on the M/M universe. This year is no different and this time I would like you to submit a few questions for Josh. Watch for my post later this week.

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