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Coming Up This Week of September 15


muggs_082013bGood morning everyone, and I am hoping you’re enjoying your Sunday! Aunt Lynn here filling in again for Wave as she starts week three of her European Vacation. I believe she’s somewhere drinking her ass off in Italy, or so the Boyz tell me when she’s passed out. :)  Me, I’m in the Virginia Beach area getting ready to head to the sand and surf for a few hours hoping to catch some of those last rays of late summer. I head back to Berkeley on Tuesday.

Muggs returns as well looking cute as usual.  Sometimes he’s so adorable that I don’t want to give him to the next person walking by—but just barely.

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Coming Up This Week of September 8


muggs_082013aGood morning everyone! Aunt Lynn here (with goofy Muggs!) from hot and sunny Northern CA at the beginning of week two of Wave’s European Vacation. Poor Muggs, he has a drooling problem. Berners aren’t supposed to have loose flews (lips) like Mastiffs, St. Bernards, and Newfies do, so they don’t usually drool.  But my beautiful boy does, especially when his mamas are eating, so we have fashioned a bib with a kitchen towel and binder clip. He looks funny, but it works!

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Coming Up This Week September 1


muggs_082013Hey ho, Aunt Lynn (and Muggs, of course, with his flipper feet!) here with the first of the three weekly updates I’ll be doing while Wave traipses all over Europe, painting each town rainbow. She’ll be back later this month and you all are stuck with me until then.

Looking forward to this next week…tomorrow is a holiday in the US and Canada, so many of us get the day off.  I’ll do a little post in the morning before I head off to do some fun stuff.  Then author Rick Reed is back with an essay on Letting Go this Thursday, something about taking two to tango, the importance of readers to an author, reviews and books taking on a life of their own — it all does come together, I promise!

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Coming Up This Week August 25


erasmo-vianaIt must be Sunday because I’m here when I should still be in bed. :grin:

Next weekend is Labour Day when summer is unofficially over for the year, :eek: and those of you who have school-age kids breathe a sigh of relief. For the rest of you its time to put away those bikinis for another year that you shouldn’t be wearing anyway, and go back to eating chocolates. For the guys it’s that time of year when you pretend you’re working in the garage or shed when you’re really hiding out watching porn. :lol: I hope everyone had a great summer. Mine is just starting as I will blow this pop stand for three weeks after Thursday when I take off on vacation and Aunt Lynn and Muggs fill in.

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Coming Up This Week August 18


muggs_072013Hey ho, Aunt Lynn here (and silly Muggs, too!).  Wave is a little under the weather today, so I am doing this brief weekly update.  It’s a beautiful day in the Bay Area — cool and sunny, and I’m my way out to do lunch with a friend.  What are your plans (or what did you do) today?

Wave did a profile on author N.R. Walker back on Wednesday, so check that out. Otherwise it was fairly quiet with many of the reviewers out on holiday and hopefully having a great time.

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Coming Up This Week August 11


Hello again guys. I keep repeating myself about the wonderful summer weather but I can’t help it. It’s been very warm so far, maybe too warm on a few days like today, however I’m not complaining because some of you are already having fall-like weather.

Every summer, things are very slow here on the site and this year it’s especially bad because Christian won’t let me have my Friday Guys.  :sad:  while he has a whole carousel full of Luke Guldan pictures.  However before I go on holiday at the end of the month I’m definitely going to surprise him with an edition of the Friday Guys.

Don’t forget that I’m interviewing Brandon Shire and if you would like your questions answered please leave them in the comments section of this post by August 18.

I hope you have been enjoying Tj’s reviews of Joseph Hansen’s Brandstetter mysteries. He’s doing a stellar job of reminding us what great mysteries were like back in the day. I can’t wait for his next journey into the tortured mind of Dave Brandstetter.  :grin:

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Coming Up This Week August 4


marlon-teixeira-axSummer is spreading her wings and I’m having a great time – I hope you are too because if you blink she’ll be gone like the good fairy. :sad: This is yet another long weekend here in Canada (don’t be jealous) so I’m not sure if I’ll be back on the site until Tuesday, earliest, but in the meantime I’m posting a picture of Marlon Tiexeira that I stole from N.R. Walker’s website. :)  He is so HOT!! :blush:

As I mentioned in the previous two weekly updates, many of our wonderful reviewers are on vacation although some of them are still posting reviews, but the number will be down considerably. Speaking of vacations, I will be away for three weeks at the end of August so the delightful Aunt Lynn will be doing the weekly updates with news of Muggs, her lovely and very well trained dog :lol: interspersed between reviews and free books.

On the technology front we’re continuing to experience problems with our hosting company (I’m sure you’re as sick of hearing about this as we are at talking about it) which is affecting access to the site, and we’re at the point of making them deliver or we get another host. We have had enough of their empty promises and Lynn, Christian and I are just as frustrated as you (probably more) . Thanks for continuing to support the site, those of you who can get through – we appreciate you more than you know.

I’ll be posting a request for questions for author Brandon Shire in my upcoming interview with him on Wednesday October 16 (I have to do all of the upfront work before I leave on vacation). Watch for my post as I know Brandon has lots of fans.

I will also be profiling Aussie author N.R. Walker later this month. Remember, profiles are different from interviews because you get to ask all the questions, I don’t. I’m sure you’re looking forward to speaking with her.

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Coming Up This Week July 28


redaricHolidays! Holidays! Holidays! Your reviewers are trekking all over the world on vacation so it will be another thin week as far as reviews are concerned. Larissa is somewhere in Switzerland, LenaLena is lying in the sun in the Netherlands, I think Sirius is in Russia (I’m sure she will correct me if I’m wrong) and the others are scattered all over the globe. But no worries, Aunt Lynn and I, with the help of the rest of this hardy bunch, are holding down the fort.  :lol:

This week Nicole Kimberling has written another post about Binky’s sordid adventures and you will be able to read all about it tomorrow, Monday, July 29.

testicle festival

I don’t know if you saw this ad about some goings-on in Texas today. In case you didn’t, here is the announcement. I think Tj is there  because I can’t get a hold of him all day. :lol: :blush: Do you think he is one of the guys doing the demos?  :twisted: :evil:


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Coming Up This Week July 21


BJ-060911-001Happy summer! Is it as hot where you are? If it gets any hotter here the asphalt on the streets will start to melt. Other than the heat, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far.

As I mentioned last week, many of the guest reviewers are on vacation so the number of reviews will be reduced this week and probably for the rest of the summer.

Books reviewed on the weekend: The Celestine Room by Gerald Rackler; Demolished by Astrid Amara; Tuck and Cover by S.J.D. Peterson;

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Coming Up This Week July 14


028Summer is here, which means that about half of the guest reviewers are taking off on their annual vacations to parts unknown. :grin: Consequently you will probably see a marked reduction in the number of reviews posted until September. I’ll be taking off too but not until the end of August. Last week I was too busy to check the uplifting stories on the Internet, but if I see something worthwhile this week I will definitely post it. If you see an article that you think your fellow bloggers would be interested in reading, be sure to email me with the link.

Reviews posted on the weekend: The Boy Who Came in from the Cold by B.G. Thomas reviewed by Sammy; Side Line by Ben Ryder reviewed by Feliz; Wild Horses by Kate Pavelle reviewed by J.K. Hogan; The Broken Triangle by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow reviewed by Sirius; The Yellow Rope by M.A. Church reviewed by Sammy; Reaper of Souls by Jordan L. Hawk reviewed by Raine; and I reviewed Afflicted by Brandon Shire. If you like gay movies, Tj reviewed Lilies.

Don’t forget I’m interviewing Elliott Mackle September 4 and your opportunity to ask him questions closes on July 17. Here’s a link to the post.

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Coming Up This Week July 7


6This week will seem pretty dull after last week with all the animosity, vile comments and viciousness directed at me. You’ll probably hate to hear this, but I didn’t lose any sleep; :ugly: sorry to disappoint the haters who I understand had a field day. Guess it was a slow news day in Romancelandia :) but I don’t have the time to visit other blogs so I didn’t have the pleasure of reading your various posts and the scintillating comments – I was much too busy doing stuff that I consider worthwhile.

I guess it will be someone else’s turn this week, as the social justice folks look for greener pastures to spread their message of love with a heavy helping of manure. :grin: :lol: I’m sure you guys know the high esteem in which I hold you, but the next few months will be awfully busy, so forgive me if I don’t visit. :wave: :happydance:

Thanks to all the readers and a few authors who emailed me to offer their support during the contretemps. I appreciate you guys and you’re the reason why this site exists

Now on to other business.

Reviews on the weekend: Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses by Angel Martinez reviewed by Sammy; Boystown 5: Murder Book by Marshall Thornton reviewed by Lloyd Meeker; Don’t Trust the Cut by Cade Boehme reviewed by J.K. Hogan; A Different Drummer by Deirdre O’Dare reviewed by Zen Harley; Shadowcraft by Jean Woolf reviewed by Sirius; I reviewed Pickup Men by L.C. Chase; Fireflies and Crickets by Jackie Nacht reviewed by Larissa; and Sammy reviewed Damned If You Do (the Complete Collection) by J.L. Merrow.

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Coming Up This Week June 30


John Barrymore and husband Scott Gill

John Barrowman and husband Scott Gill


Happy Pride Day in Toronto!

This is a big weekend here. It’s Canada Day tomorrow, July 1st – if you live in the US, it’s similar to your July 4th holiday. It’s also Pride Week here in Toronto and we host one of the biggest Pride Parades in the world with an attendance of over 1 million today. This Province (Ontario) also has the only openly LGBTQ (lesbian) premier in Canada. :)

Congratulations to our GBLTQ friends in the US on the decisions by the US Supreme Court last week that struck down the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) and also declared Proposition 8 in California unconstitutional. It has been a long and tough fight, and all those who worked very hard to make this happen should be commended. I hope that within the next decade there will be full equality in the US for every GBLTQ person in every state. Huge props to Edie Windsor, the tiny 80 year old woman who sued the federal government and challenged the constitutionality of DOMA, with help from the New York Civil Liberties Union and the American Civil Liberties Union. Now she can celebrate with everyone else. If you’re interested in the case of Windsor v. United States here’s a link.

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Coming Up This Week June 23


Summer is here. Lots of sunshine everywhere in Canada except in the Province of Alberta where there are horrendous floods. A state of emergency has been declared in the City of Calgary which is under water, as well as neighbouring towns and cities and many residents have lost their homes and a few have lost their lives. You can help by donating to the Canadian Red Cross at 1-800 418 1111. My heart goes out to my fellow Canadians who are trying to cope with this disaster, and to make it worse there’s no power. Here are a few pictures of Kevin Yeats who had to swim to safety with his cat after his truck sank in flood waters in High River, Alberta. These pictures give you a sense of how devastating this situation is:

in High River, Alta. on June 20, 2013 after the Highwood River overflowed its banks. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jordan Verlage






in High River, Alta. on June 20, 2013 after the Highwood River overflowed its banks. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jordan Verlage






alberta - cat11







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Coming Up This Week June 16


Chris HemsworthIt’s a beautiful day even if it’s pouring with rain. As I told Rick Reed when I emailed him this morning, I feel like I’m in Seattle where I’m told it rains almost every day-he assured me that’s a rumour spread by people who live in the east. :)

Moving on ….

Rick Reed is writing a very provocative article on Barebacking in M/M Romance  .. or the lack thereof. This should make for some very interesting discussions. :lol: Ican’t wait for the feathers to fly!!! :twisted: :evil: Watch for his post on Thursday, June 20.

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Coming Up This Week June 9


6a00d83451cc7469e20168eaed96c0970c-800wiG’day everyone. For some of you it’s already evening.

Today’s post will be short as we don’t have any essays this week. On Friday I posted my article on Self Publishing: Authors Doin’ It For Themselves which included an excellent essay from Jay Bell about what not to do and how to avoid mistakes. I hope those of you who are contemplating self publishing took note of all the comments and the list of resources.

The following reviews were posted on the weekend: Trill to me Sweetly by Charlie Richards reviewed by Zen Harley; Bound by Guilt by Sandra Bard reviewed by Sirius; Flexibility by Maja Rose reviewed by Orion; and Bane of Boston by J.P. Barnaby reviewed by Sammy.

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